30 Awesome Wedding After-Party Ideas – Make It A Blast

30 Awesome Wedding After-Party Ideas – Make It A Blast

The confetti has settled, your wedding gifts have been ripped open and you’re left wanting to wax lyrical about your day. Perhaps you just want the celebrations to keep on going? Well, there is a way, and that’s the wedding after-party. Whoop!

Whether your wedding reception is finishing earlier than anticipated (hello sound restrictions) or you wish to have a whole weekend of fun. I have some awesome post-wedding party inspiration for you and they don’t even have to bust your budget.

I’ll also share my top tips on partying after the wedding etiquette (I mean who do you even invite?!) as well as how to pull off an epic bash smoothly.

Post-Wedding Reception After-Party Ideas

1. Nightcap

Head to the bar or your hotel suite for a nightcap. It could just be the two of you or you can bring the last guests standing to join you for a last hurrah.

 Photo: Gianmarco Amico via Salina Elopement Ideas


2. Firepit

If your venue has a firepit, gather around and soak up the warmth. Sing camp songs, toast marshmallows, have a hot drink and reminisce.

 Photo: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography via Brook Farm Wedding


3. Honeymoon Suite/Home Hang Out

If you are heading to accommodation after the lights go out, bring your wedding party with you. If your venue allows of course. Alternatively, have a house party if you are headed home for the night. Soft tunes, blankets and sobering drinks for a great debrief – that’s also free!

4. Karaoke

Are your inhibitions gone after a cocktail fuelled wedding party? Crank out the karaoke to continue the laughs.

5. Camping

If your guests are camping or glamping, gather around in a communal tent for a relaxed get-together.

 Photo: Scott Carney Photography via Festival Yurt Wedding Ideas Bell Tents North Sky Yurts 


6. Silent Disco

If sound restrictions are closing the party down early, hire a silent disco to abide by the rules and keep the party going.

 Photo: One Thousand Words via Sopley Lake Wedding


7. Ride Home

Ever been on a night out and continued the party en route home? Whether you are walking, travelling by train or hailing a taxi, catch up on the journey.

8. Clubbing

You could even hire a club VIP area or simply head to your fave dancing spot to continue dancing until the early hours. Don’t forget clubs often have later closing times, but be sure to check first.

9. Party Bus

Rent a party bus and tour the local area with a disco, drinks and lots of shenanigans.

 Photo: Heather Sham via Campervan Wedding Ideas Bus: Buttercup Bus


Day After Wedding Party Ideas

10. Breakfast

If guests are staying the night at your venue with you, arrange to have breakfast together.

 Photo: Holly Rose Weddings via Kent Village Hall Wedding


11. Morning Swim

Not for the faint-hearted, a refreshing cold-water swim may be the perfect way to rise and shine after the wedding.

12. Yoga

Organise a class for your guests, such as yoga or pilates that suit all levels and ages. A perfect way to unwind and relax after all the partying.

13. Brunch

If you aren’t an early riser and simply want a lie-in after the wedding. Why not organise a brunch? Yummy food, bubbles and great company all make for a perfect party after the wedding.

 Photo: Laura Jane Photography via Bridal Shower Ideas Hen Party Styling & Coordination: Pitch Boutique


14. Walk

Organise a group hike or walk. It’s free, is a great way to get some fresh air and leaves lots of scope for gossip.

15. Pool Party

If your venue has a pool – have a pool party! This is one to organise in advance so guests can be sure to bring swimwear. If your venue doesn’t have a pool, why not hire a private pool? Organise games for the fun-seekers and loungers for those wishing to chill.

16. Afternoon Tea

You could throw an afternoon tea post-wedding bash. Hire a caterer or venue, alternatively, ask guests to bring a bake and a sarnie. Lashings of tea, bubbles and chit-chat are sure to follow.

 Photo: Steve Bridgwood Photography via Walcot Hall Wedding Afternoon Tea: Petals and Bells


17. Sports Day

Host an old-school sports day in a local park. Brings eggs and spoons, and organise a referee plus a scorekeeper. Then let the fun and games commence.

18. Drink Tasting & Tour

Book your local vineyard, brewery or distillery for a tour and tasting. Be sure to remember that this is an adult-only activity that may not be suitable for the youngest of your guests.

19. Golf Day

Head to the golf course for plenty of competition, fresh air and time to wax lyrical about all the wedding day memories.

20. BBQ

A good old BBQ or pizza party may be just the ticket. It could be thrown by a loved one at home, food costs can be kept low and guests can bring a bottle too.

 Photo: Rebecca Kerr Photography via Pizza Wedding Reception Pizza Truck: Fired Up Pizza Co. 


21. Day Out

Head to a theme park, farm, zoo, beach or your favourite excursion spot. Decamp for the day and extend the wedding fun.

 Photo: Ellie Lou Photography via Beach Picnic Wedding


22. Spa Day

If you want a total relax, as well as a pamper and a calm environment after the wedding, how about a spa day?

23. Picnic

Organise a picnic. You could head to a park, garden or someone’s home. Ask your guests to bring their own hamper of goodies and sit out in the sunshine for the afternoon.

24. Adventure Activity

If you want to blow off steam, go for an adrenaline-filled activity such as water sports, climbing, zorbing or even ziplining.

 Photo: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography via Bohemian Elopement Concept, Styling & VW Campervan: Vintage Camper Booths


25. Drinks

Organise drinks at your favourite watering hole. Alternatively, try booking a bar with a fun activity such as indoor golf, arcade games or even darts!

26. Movie Night

Not for the talkers, a movie night or film screening afternoon is a lovely way to rest and recoup after the big day. Perfect for naps and snuggles!

 Photo: Tyler Ranalla via Surprise Move Night Engagement Party


27. Dinner

Book a restaurant, cafe or your wedding venue to prepare dinner or lunch the day after your wedding. This could be an expensive option so you may wish to keep the guest list smaller.

For a cheaper option, try a takeaway or food truck caterer to feed the masses.

 Photo: Emily Montay via Wooden Wedding Ideas


28. Scavenger Hunt

Plan an epic scavenger hunt, and have clues related to you as a couple to keep the romance flowing.

29. Bowling

Hire a bowling alley or a couple of lanes to finish your wedding weekend extravaganza on a high!

30. Escape Room

Test your team skills with an escape room challenge followed by somewhere to have a refreshment afterwards.

Wedding After-Party Etiquette & Tips

Do You Have To Have A Party After A Wedding?

You absolutely do not have to have a wedding after-party. There are no rules or requirements but it’s simply down to a couple’s preference if they would like to host one.

How Do You Plan A Wedding After-Party?

Decide on when to have your post-wedding bash as well as the timings.
Choose your after-party guest list.
Work out your party budget.
Pick your chosen party theme or activity.
Book or set the location.
Consider food and drink options.
Tell your invited guests the plan via their wedding invites, a separate invitation or on your wedding website.

Who Pays For A Wedding After-Party?

Usually, a couple pays for their own wedding after-party. However sometimes family or friends may help by contributing or organising.

Be sure to let your guests know the after-party is a voluntary party to attend. Confirm there is no obligation or pressure to come along if there is a cost involved in them joining the party.

A wedding party doesn’t need to be expensive and cost-saving or free ideas could be to host a BBQ at home, organise a walk, have a picnic in the park or even head to your local pub.

Who Should We Invite To A Party After The Wedding?

It’s tricky to please everyone, and it’s just not going to happen. However, to ensure your guests are happy, be consistent with your after-party invites.

For example:

If you want to invite everyone, go for it.
Invite day guests only.
If children came to your wedding, consider if not inviting them is tricky for the parents to arrange childcare and visa versa.
Keep it to close family and friends only. Or choose your wedding party with their plus-ones.
Be honest! No one wants to find out there was a party that they weren’t invited to. Share the details on your invites/website stating there is a wedding after party for close family/friends/wedding party/day guests etc. That invites will follow for those invited.
Invite those that came to your pre-wedding parties. The hen party, stag do and bridal shower.

When it comes down to it, it’s your wedding, your rules. Invite who you wish and try your best to mitigate any invite dramas. It can happen to any couple and you just need to be firm, honest and consistent in your approach to help keep guests happy.

What Should We Do The Night After Our Wedding?

If you are wondering what to do after the wedding after-party and reception try these ideas:

Look at guest photos, videos, social posts and any sneak peeks from your photographer/videographer together.
Open cards and gifts.
Have some wedding cake.
Pop open gifted bubbly and have a toast together.
Go out! Plan a lovely date night to decompress and keep the memories flowing.
Head off on your mini-moon or honeymoon. Alternatively, pack or plan for a special trip away.
Have a date night in. Watch a film, listen to your wedding playlist, play games or dance!
Work out your next steps as a couple, plan your future and your next life project.


So there you have it, all the wedding after-party ideas you’ll ever need to keep the party going! Plus my top tips on how to throw a party after your wedding. Yes!


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