50 Fun & Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

50 Fun & Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

More and more couples in the UK (and beyond!) are choosing to hold their wedding outdoors; in gardens, up mountains, in fields and within woodlands. And why not? With beautiful diverse scenery and settings, there are so many beautiful spots where couples would like to commit to one another.

In this article, I am not only going to share practical considerations and budget-friendly outside tips! But also some really dreamy and beautiful outdoor wedding ideas to inspire your nuptials.

  Photo: Finn and the Fox Photography via Wilderness Wedding Ideas 


Budget-Friendly & Creative Ideas For Outdoor Weddings

1. Decorate Trees

Arguably trees are one of the highlights of an outdoor wedding. So how about carefully enhancing them with tree-friendly decor such as flowing fabric?

 Photo: Megan Duffield via Meadows Norfolk Wedding Fabric: @miasylviaa


2. Buffet Grazing Table

Create a visual, and delicious feast fit for every guest. Be sure to serve quickly to protect edibles from the elements.

 Photo: The Enlight Project via Autumn Boho Wedding Ideas Grazing Table: The Graze Girls


3. Outdoor Confetti Moment

Choose eco-friendly confetti and have your moment in the great outdoors.

 Photo: Paige Mary Photography via Italian Wedding Ideas


4. Light Up Your Outdoor Reception

Twinkling lights not only look beautiful but are practical as the sun sets.

 Photo: Two Pair Photography via Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Wedding Design & Decor: The Vintage Laundry


5. Tent Reception

If you just can’t be sure about the weather conditions, a tent wedding may be for you. Consider a marquee, tipi, yurt or stretch tent. Many of which can have the sides lifted for an indoor/outdoor feel or can have clear roofs.

 Photo: Sara Ribera via Boho Tipi Wedding Ideas  Venue: Tipis at Riley Green


6. Give Out Blankets

Ensure everyone is toasty with cute blanket favours that can be kept after the wedding too.

 Photo: Alex Tenters Photography via Farm Wedding


7. Cake Cut

Take your wedding cake and cake cutting al fresco. Be careful if it’s too hot mind due to ensure the cake doesn’t melt!

 Photo: Brad Gommon Photography via Endeavour Woodland Weddings Cake: The Cake Lab UK


8. Outdoor Chill-Out Area

If you can’t host everything outdoors, bring a chill out seating area to your garden space.

 Photo: With Love Rose Photography via Boho Fairytale Wedding Props & Vintage Furniture Hire: Hint of Vintage Hire


9. Outside Cocktail Bar

Set up a DIY bar with wooden barrels and a piece of wood. Put together drinks and glasses before allowing guests to help themselves.

 Photo: EKR Pictures via Sustainable Wedding Ideas Planning Styling & Props: Willow and Rust Weddings


1o. Al Fresco Guest Book

Elements such as your guest book can be brought outside to encourage guests to roam the grounds.

 Photo: Natalia Case Photography via Frickley Lake Wedding


11. Dine Under Trees

Sit your wedding tables beneath trees for natural and beautiful decor (and shelter).

 Photo: Laura Williams Weddings via Gaddesden Estate Wedding Ideas Planning & Styling: Big Green Space


12. Tipi Kids Den

Create a cute kids zone with a sweet bell tent!

 Photo: Daniel Lightening Photography via Farmyard Wedding


13. Practical Footwear

When it comes to outfits for outdoor weddings, shorter hems and practical footwear is always a winner.

 Photo: Mollie McAusland Photography via Yurt Village Wedding


14. Hay Bale Seating

Seat guests cheaply with farm-inspired hay bales.

 Photo: Maddie Farris Photography via Yorkshire Village Hall Wedding


15. Supply Items For The Weather

Don’t forget the brollies! Have options for all weathers such as sunglasses, suncream and fans for hot weather. As well as blankets, umbrellas and wellies for colder days.

 Photo: Charlotte Razzell Photography via Colourful Relaxed Tipi Wedding


16. Confetti Stand

A simple yet cost-effective decor idea is to upcycle and old wooden pallet into a confetti stand.

 Photo: Brad Gommon Photography via Endeavour Woodland Weddings Stationery & Styling: Pink Peony Weddings


17. Dessert Table

For a decadent treat, paint a dresser and display dessert outside.

 Photo: Nicola Dawson Photography via Great Comp Garden Wedding Catering: Touchays Event Caterers


18. Funfair Rides

For the ultimate wedding entertainment, how about a fun fair area?

 Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Funfair Festival Wedding Ferris Wheel: Taylor’s Amusements Stamford 


19. Glamping

Create your own glamping village, or ask guests to bring their own tents to camp overnight.

 Photo: Scott Carney Photography via Festival Yurt Wedding Ideas Bell Tents: North Sky Yurts


20. Picnic Benches

Yes, picnic benches can look totally fabulous with all the rustic vibes.

 Photo: Bernadeta Kupiec via Dunbar Wedding Venue: Log Cabin Ravensheugh


21. Champagne Spray

For a great photo idea, pop your fizzy drink of choice in a secluded spot.

 Photo: Rockrose Photography via Ashridge Great Barn Wedding


22. Bring Pets & Animals

Dogs at weddings, as well as other animals, are perfect for outdoor nuptials.

 Photo: Paige Mary Photography via Italian Wedding Ideas


23. Giant Deckchair Prop

Supersize your decor and props, seeing as the outdoors ensures plenty of space.

 Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Boho Beach Elopement Props & Styling: Roka Bella Rose Weddings


24. Hoop Flower Arch

Create a real backdrop to your ceremony with a striking hoop flower arch.

 Photo: Emily Collett Photography via Blue Yellow Wedding Ideas Florist: The Lily Pad Florist


25. Booze Bath

Locate a free old bath, give it a lick of paint and add ice to your drinks!

 Photo: Georgia Rachael via Fishley Hall Wedding


26. Seasonal Table

Take inspiration from the season for your wedding tables with flowers and fruit.

 Photo: Charly Mae Photography via Sustainable Woodland Wedding Florist: Vicki’s Floral Designs


27. Garden Games

Is it even an outdoor wedding without wedding games?

 Photo: Scott Carney Photography via Festival Yurt Wedding Ideas Vintage Games: Smithy Events


28. Earthy Tones

Look to your surroundings for inspiration with your wedding colours.

 Photo: Finn and the Fox Photography via Wilderness Wedding Ideas Concept Co-ordination & Styling: Feather and Fawn


29. Prep Tent

Set up a tent for your morning prep to be close to the outdoor action.

 Photo: Oydin + Mei via Praia Da Luz Wedding Bell Tent: The Canvas Tribe


30. Go For A Row

If your wedding venue is blessed with a lake, head out for a row. They make for such romantic portraits.

 Photo: Agrestal Visuals via Waterside Country Barn Wedding Concept Planning & Hairstylist: NLS Hair Stylist


31. Camper Photo Booth

Set up an epic outdoor photo booth with a campervan set-up.

 Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Boho Beach Elopement VW Campervan: Vintage Camper Booths


32. Mix Rustic Furniture

Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture for a cool style.

 Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Hale Park Wedding Styling Concept & Planning: Raggy&Boo


33. Tent Shelter

Use tents or structures to shelter certain elements of your day from any sudden downpours.

 Photo: Megan Duffield via Meadows Norfolk Wedding Tipi: Magical Events


34. Floor Cushions

Scrap chairs and replace them with cushions to get closer to nature.

 Photo: Ellie Lou Photography via Beach Picnic Wedding Picnic Styling: Scarlett Rose Events


35. Use Pot Plants

Use plants from home as decor and think of unconventional vessels!

 Photo: Captured by Katrina via Cotswold Marquee Wedding


36. Go For A Stroll

Use the gardens or your outdoor location for the most beautiful images with your photographer.

 Photo: Sam Sparks Photo via White Skye Fields Wedding


37. Veranda

Look for a venue with a veranda for an indoor/outdoor dining experience.

 Photo: Jade Touron Photography via Staycation Wedding Ideas Venue: The Beacon House, Whitstable


38. Outdoor Aisle

Accentuate your outdoor ceremony with beautiful aisle decor.

 Photo: Sara Ribera via Boho Tipi Wedding Ideas


39. Outdoor Photo Booth Backdrop

Set up a statement photo backdrop outside for guests to take fun selfies.

 Photo: Photography By Petrina via Moon Wedding Ideas Moon Arch: Boho and Bloom Prop Hire


40. Meadow Flowers

Be inspired by nature and use meadow flower arrangements as decoration.

 Photo: McKenna Rhyne Photography via Colourful Farm Wedding Floral Designer: Thistle and Twig


41. Food Truck

Instead of traditional wedding food, have a food truck for outside casual dining.

 Photo: Rebecca Kerr Photography via Pizza Wedding Reception Catering: Fired Up Pizza Co.


42. Let Nature Do The Talking

If you have chosen a picturesque spot, don’t feel you have to add additional decor.

 Photo: Charlie Britz Photography via Somerset Elopement Ideas


43. Bring Furniture Outside

Transport your fave sofa into the woods for a luxe seating area.

 Photo: Holly Smith via Rainbow Wedding Forest Furniture: Locate To Create


44. Dessert Cart

Hire a dessert card for ice cream or even candy-floss treats!

 Photo: Maribel Farina Photography via Art Painting Wedding Ideas Cotton Candy: Jolly Sheep


45. Sparklers

Sparklers are not only a great photo opportunity but are great outdoor fun.

 Photo: Amy Cutliffe Photography via Sage Green Wedding Ideas


46. Live Music

It doesn’t get better than live music! If your budget doesn’t stretch, a free playlist can be just the ticket too.

 Photo: Sarah Taylor Photo & Film via Van Life Wedding Ideas


47. Natural Elements

Use sustainably sourced natural elements in your decor such as:

Pine cones

 Photo: Eloise & Mitch via Park Wedding Ideas Rings: Eco Wood Rings


48. First Dance

Head outside for your first dance and speeches!

 Photo: Till Death Do We Adventure via 70s Elopement Ideas


49. Firepit

Set up a fire pit for sing songs and smores!

 Photo: Finn and the Fox Photography via Wilderness Wedding Ideas Concept Co-ordination & Styling: Feather and Fawn


50. Firework Finale

Ensure your wedding finishes with a bang!

 Photo: Grace Elizabeth via Weekend Glamping Wedding Fireworks: Vulcan Fireworks


Outdoor Wedding Logistics

Let’s look a little deeper into the practicalities of outdoor weddings, shall we?

1. Find A Venue With An Outdoor Location

Many venues are starting to register options to marry outdoors. Many locations are in gazebo-type structures in gardens and this can be a lovely option for a relaxed ceremony. Take a look at your local council’s website for local registered ceremony venues.

2. Hold A Legal Ceremony First

Sadly here in the UK (not including Scotland) you cannot legally marry anywhere you may wish. There are certain laws and regulations in place and you can only legally marry in registered venues or religious places of worship. There are some venues with outdoor arbours and structures though they are registered, so it’s worth searching around.

That being said a humanist, celebrant-led ceremony or blessing can still take place outside, where you can then make things official elsewhere on a different day.

My husband and I had a simple legal ceremony in a registry office in the UK, and then we headed to the woods to say our handwritten vows to one another beneath the canopy of trees.

3. Travel Abroad

In many countries globally, you can marry pretty much anywhere you like. Make sure you go through the legal process to make sure your wedding is legal and proper. But you can essentially marry wherever you set your heart, from the beach to a mountain top.

4. Hold Your Reception Outdoors

If you can’t have your ceremony outside, why not have your party there instead? It may be a little risky in terms of weather and organisation but it could be just wonderful. Find the person that owns the land, and ask them if you could hire it for the day. You could always put up a marquee or tipi too. Think through all of the supplies you may need if it’s a remote location.

5. Make The Most Of It

Outdoor weddings don’t have to be expensive. Allow the surroundings to do the talking, have hearty food, great music and flowing drinks for all the fun vibes!


You can see the featured real outdoor weddings in the UK and beyond on WWW too for even more ideas and advice. I have featured many couples who made their outdoor wedding dreams a reality. I am holding out hope that here in the UK someday the laws will be relaxed a little so couples can marry in the beautiful outdoors.


And that’s a wrap! All the gorgeous and fun outdoor wedding ideas you need for your budget wedding. Yay!


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