Colourful Fun & Enchanted Forest Theme Wedding

Colourful Fun & Enchanted Forest Theme Wedding

Get ready for Ryan and Tania’s stunning Woodlands at Hothorpe wedding in Leicestershire! Their day was nothing short of amazing with bright colours, sunflower wedding bouquets and of course, a lot of love.

They had an enchanted forest theme with an outdoor picturesque ceremony, stylish outfits and teal being the dominant colour throughout. I adore the fun moments, there were games, considered music choices and beautiful sun-shining portraits.

Thanks ever so much to Lisa Carpenter Photography for sharing with us these joyous and vibrant images of one very special celebration indeed.

Woodlands Hothorpe Wedding

The Proposal

(Tania) Ryan proposed to me at my surprise 30th birthday party. He had arranged for all my family and friends to be there, I had no idea! After dropping our baby daughter off at my parents, we took off and he soon handed me an invite to a murder mystery party which I was a bit apprehensive about, but this was just to throw me off! Once we arrived and everyone had popped out from their hiding spaces I was so happy and giddy! Ryan had really spoilt me.

On the night, Ryan had arranged for the ladies to go out to gin bar whilst the men got the party room ready. I was blindfolded for the big reveal and was greeted by Ryan on one knee surrounded by rose petals. It was very romantic and so special to have our favourite people there to share it with us. We celebrated that night with a Karaoke and hot tub party!

The Vision

(Tania) I had always dreamed of getting married outside in amongst the trees, even maybe dare to have a Chandelier hanging! And the Woodlands had everything I wanted plus much more!

My vision was as it had always been since I was little, a mix of enchanted forest, fairy-tale and tons of bright flowers, all the colours under the sun, everywhere! I’m obsessed with the colour teal and there could be no other colour theme for me. It worked amazingly against the backdrop and with all the bright colours just as I had pictured it.

The Venue

(Tania) The Woodlands at Hothorpe Venues was the first and only venue we needed to see. We booked it there and then. It had everything we wanted plus some extra features we didn’t know we needed! There weren’t too many venues I could find that fit our vision of getting married outdoors surrounded by lots of trees, but it didn’t take long to find The Woodlands.

Being self-contained with the onsite accommodation for guests, a treehouse, bar, fire pit and tepee, everything was right at our fingertips.

The service from day one was immaculate. The staff were on hand to answer our enquiries anytime. They were very helpful in pointing us in the right direction and giving us advice and ideas. We went with a number of their suppliers who were able to see the end result just as we described!

Our guests have commented that we really spoilt them with this one, the setting, the food and all the added extras available here are outstanding. Not only did the bride and groom feel like royalty, but every person in attendance could feel just how special this place made our day.

The Ceremony & Music

(Tania) The ceremony was beautiful and a lot of fun! The Hideaway was the perfect setting for us outside surrounded by trees. It is picturesque, next to a lovely stream and was perfectly situated to make the most of the gorgeous summer weather but sheltered just right from the hot August sun!

The registrar really made it comfortable for us and relaxed and fun! Cracking a few jokes and getting the crowd going.

The best man had charge of the playlist for the ceremony so I was able to have my choice of song to walk down the aisle to (‘As the world falls down’ David Bowie, Labyrinth 1986) We were then greeted by the roaming band making our way up from the ceremony area to the teepee and lawn games. The live music was brilliant and set the scene and the mood for the day just right.

(Ryan) We opted to have a roaming band during the day and for two sets on the evening, followed by an hour of music I had selected and had professionally mixed. The Skyknights were exceptional, they were very friendly, they filled the dance floor and were happy to accommodate any request we had. We booked them through Entertainment Nation who were brilliant in the build-up to the day!

Your Photographer

(Tania) Lisa had done my best friend’s wedding a couple of years before, I knew I wanted her instantly! There was no question that her style was perfect for what we wanted. The way she captures vibrant colour and the emotion of everyone involved in the moment is second to none! Her photos are so fun and creative, everything we asked for she managed to snap.

We were surprisingly impressed with just how involved she was in helping to move the day along and usher everyone to where they needed to be and when. This was not a service we expected and were extremely grateful for!

Lisa has an amazing reputation in my home town and in her field. She has done a lot of weddings for people I know and I would highly recommend her every time!

The Styling & Decor

(Tania) I always knew I would fill the venue with brightly coloured flowers and have Teal as my theme colour, that hadn’t waivered since I could remember. And when I found The Woodlands there were elements of the decoration on their website which immediately jumped out at me as exactly what I wanted. The festoon lighting, the chandelier in the tree and antique mirror were all things I had in my mind.

Our stylist Nadine understood exactly our vision and made great suggestions in areas I was unsure of. Her collection is vast, you can really go in any direction you want.

We were a little unsure whether to have a cake as there are a lot of options out there these days, but after all my wedding research I realised I really wanted one! And we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of picking the flavours! We made a lovely afternoon out of it with some family! Of course, it had to be teal and was finished off nicely with real flowers matching the theme!

(Ryan) I was happy to have Tania run with most of the decorations for the day as I knew she had lots of good ideas. I was aware of all the Teal and the many, many flowers early on. My main area was the entertainment and music. Knowing the backdrop was taken care of, I focused on the ‘vibe’ for the day.

We wanted people to be relaxed and to have a lot of fun! So a live band covering the classics with their own spin was perfect. And for those who wanted a little something to get involved with, and to make good use of all the space available, we went with some lawn games! Ensuring, of course, there were plenty of complimentary drinks available to be enjoyed whilst soaking up the sun.

Your Outfits

(Tania) My dress was from Rachel Ash Bridal in Atherstone. This was the second shop I went to and to be honest I loved nearly everything I tried on.

This wasn’t a dress that had jumped out at me on their website, as it had one big feature I thought I would never want.. a detachable skirt! The girls pulled this dress for me for the long train and all the sparkle I asked for. I LOVED the skirt. It gave me the princess feel I wanted and enabled me comfort and movement throughout the day. Also giving Ryan the fitting look he preferred as well as a little drama!

The intricate floral detail fit with the theme perfectly and the hint of blush with top to toe sparkle was just stunning in the sunshine. As soon as I put it on I knew it was the one!

(Ryan) I decided on my suit from Marc Darcy early on as it went well with the theme, and their reputation for quality and style made me feel confident in my choice. I went with a three-piece as, being the groom, I wanted to make an impact whilst being traditional.

Topping it all off with a matching flat cap and a champagne dickie bow. I put my dada and the father of the bride in a three-piece also as a sign of respect! And Tania wasn’t the only one bringing the drama, I too had a wardrobe change, swapping out my jacket and long sleeve shirt for a shorter sleeve and braces on the evening.

Memorable Moments

(Tania) There are so many! For me I will never forget how excited Ryan was to see people enjoying the live music and the playlists he had painstakingly worked on for months! He took great pride in this, picking the right song for the exact right moment, placing it just right throughout the day. I’m very proud of his hard work and dedication making this perfect for us and everyone else there!

(Ryan) We were a little bit worried about how our two-year-old would behave during the ceremony, being the free-spirited, life and soul of the party that she is! But I was really impressed with how the registrar handled it and made her part of the moment! She put us at ease right away explaining to just let her to do her and go with the flow! Of course, Aurelia was on her feet right away and was promptly invited to join us at the front. This she was thrilled about and me and Tania were very happy to have her by our sides.

Advice For Other Couples

Take 5 minutes to step away together, away from the crowd and appreciate the moment just the two of you!

Such a stunning day.

Ryan and Tania, thank you both ever so much for sharing with us your stunning Woodlands at Hothorpe wedding story.

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