Dogs At Weddings – 16 Ideas & Tips For Including Your Pooch

Dogs At Weddings – 16 Ideas & Tips For Including Your Pooch

Is your fur baby a part of your wedding VIP guest list? But you aren’t quite sure just how to include your dog at your wedding or if you even can?

Fret not, my ultimate guide to having dogs at weddings is here. With inspirational images of the sweetest pooches as well as top tips on how to care for your pup guests.

Important Considerations For Dogs At Weddings

1. Provide Drinking Water

Ensure your furry guests are kept hydrated with fresh water bowls stationed in practical areas.

Photo: Megan Duffield via Meadows Norfolk Wedding Flowers: Bracken and Twine


2. Bring Along Dog Food

If your dog is going to be at your wedding, think about their usual feeding times. If they are going to be at your wedding during their typical mealtime, don’t forget to bring their regular food. Treats will always go down well too.

Photo: Paige Mary Photography via Italian Wedding Ideas


3. Consider The Weather

Is your wedding outdoors? Or perhaps the forecast is particularly cold, wet or really hot on your big day? Think about how you can care for pooches in all conditions.

Dogs can struggle in hot weather, shady, cool spots for them will be ideal. In cold or poor weather, shelter and warm spaces are going to work well. That being said, if the weather just isn’t going to be suitable for your pet, think about keeping them home for the day.

Photo: Caroline Opacic Photography via Dark Pink Wedding Ideas


4. Create Resting Spots

Why not bring your dog’s pet bed for a room corner where they can retreat for a well-deserved nap? Or to sleep for the evening if they like to get their kip.

 Photo: Maria Madison via Beach Wedding UK


5. Can Your Dog Tolerate Loud Noise?

You know your pet best, so if your wedding party is set to be loud and riotous, it may be worth having them collected in the evening. Or find a quiet place for them to find some peace and quiet.

Photo: Linda Pauline via Greenery White Wedding Ideas


6. Time For Walkies

It’s always a good idea to try and stick to your pup’s typical routines. The same goes for your wedding day, if they need walking and exercise, try to include this in your wedding day timeline.

Photo: Ideal Imaging Photography via Bluebell Wood Wedding Florist: Buds Floristry


7. Toys or No Toys?

Bringing toys or chewing toys may be a good way to keep your pet calm and entertained. However, you won’t want them too hyped up, so you may need to ensure you have plenty of outside space to burn off energy and keep disruption for other guests at a minimum.

Photo: Lily Lane Photography via Bohemian Greenery Wedding Ideas Woods


8. Bathroom Breaks

Ahem, you know what I am talking about. Those toilet trips! Think about where dogs can be taken to for their ones and twos that won’t leave unsightly smells or views for guests. It goes without saying to ask the landowner’s permission and clean up after your dog too.

Photo: Photography By Petrina via Moon Wedding Ideas


9. Dog Sitter or Chaperone

It’s a great idea to hire a dog sitter or chaperone to take care of your dog throughout your wedding. They can even groom your pet, bring it to and from your venue as well as take care of all their needs for the duration of your celebrations.

It’s a good idea to think about hiring a professional so you can fully relax and your wedding party can also let their hair down.

Photo: Megan Duffield via Meadows Norfolk Wedding Flowers: Bracken and Twine


10. Ceremony Or Reception

It may be you’d like your pooch at one part of your wedding day, or all of it. Have a look at your wedding day timeline and see where would suit best for them to come along to say hi.

Photo: Vicky Plum Photography via Pet Wedding Ideas Dachshund Bandanas; Creative Dog Bandanas


11. Venue Permissions

If your dog being a part of your day is non-negotiable, be sure to find a pet-friendly wedding venue. If you’ve already booked your day, be sure to speak with them first and seek permission before bringing them along.

Photo: Emma Louise Photography via Moroccan Wedding Ideas


12. Guest Allergies & Fears

It’s important to remember that not everyone feels comfortable or confident around dogs. Some guests may even have a fear of dogs. It’s also worth considering if any guests have pet allergies.

You could put a note in your wedding invites or on your wedding website if you are planning on having your dog join your day. That way guests are aware. You could also mention getting in touch if they have any concerns so you can adapt and accommodate them.

You know your pet best and if they are confident and calm with large groups of people. Go with your gut instinct.

 Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via Navy Gold Wedding Ideas Dog Outfit: Tuna & Bear


13. Dressing Your Pooch For The Occasion

You may or may not be a fan of dressing up your pup. You don’t have to dress your dog in outfits, you could consider pet-safe flowers or foliage on their accessories. Such as their harness, lead or collar.

You could even treat them to a new lead or collar rather than decorate it. Of course, there are too many cute outfits for dogs available that may suit the occasion too.

 Photo: Maribel Farina Photography via Art Painting Wedding Ideas Florist: Hearts and Honey Do Events


14. Give Your Dog A Role

Give your fur baby a special wedding day role, here are some ideas:

Greeting guests on arrival
Honorary bridespup/groomspup/member of the wedding party
Ring bearer
Walk down the aisle
Posing for portraits
Joining the first dance
Give them a spot at (or rather under) the top table
Name or reference them in the readings/speeches/toasts
Let them have a ride on your transport
Cuddles of course!

Photo: Vicky Plum Photography via Pet Wedding Ideas Dachshund Bandanas; Creative Dog Bandanas


15. Be Flexible

When it comes to animals, anything goes and anything can happen. Your pup may refuse to walk down the aisle, bark lots or just not be at ease with the situation.

Be flexible and don’t feel disappointed if things don’t quite go to plan on the day. These things happen and you just can’t control them. Even if you get 2 minutes on your wedding day with your dog, consider that a special moment and a big win.

  Photo: Jenny Appleton Photo and Film via Lake District Elopement Dog Collar: Tuna and Bear


16. Photos

Last, but not least, your dog can be the star of your wedding photos! Cuddle, walk or play together and allow your photographer to snap those special moments.

 Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via Navy Gold Wedding Ideas Dog Outfit: Tuna & Bear


So there you have it, all you need to know about including dogs at weddings! Plus of course, the cutest doggy wedding photos you ever did see.


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