The Essential Guide to Men’s Wedding Band Styles for 2023

The Essential Guide to Men’s Wedding Band Styles for 2023

Grooms-to-be! Ready to explore the exciting world of men’s wedding bands? With personalization and individual expression shaping modern wedding trends, finding the perfect ring that represents your unique love story is essential. Enter Thorum, a leading brand known for crafting exceptional wedding bands to suit all tastes and preferences – and as a special treat for our readers, you can get a 20% discount on all purchases when you use the code BM20 at checkout!

Today, we’ll highlight the most sought-after men’s wedding band styles for 2023, including nature-inspired designs, unique finds, historical elements, and rose gold detailing. Whether you’re a groom seeking a classic design with a modern twist or a one-of-a-kind wedding band, Thorum has the latest and most fashionable styles to symbolize your love and commitment. Let’s find your perfect ring – and enjoy the exclusive discount with Thorum!

Elements from Nature

Incorporating elements from nature into men’s wedding band styles is a wonderful way to express one’s love for the environment and showcase a connection to the earth. Thorum, known for their creative and exceptional designs, offers nature-inspired rings featuring materials like desert ironwood, Arizona turquoise, and whitetail deer antler. These unique and visually striking rings, combined with modern metals like tungsten carbide or titanium, carry a sense of serenity and harmony while providing durability and sophistication. As couples commit to a lifetime of love and partnership, grooms who treasure the great outdoors will appreciate the blend of organic and contemporary elements in their Thorum wedding bands.

The Aloha

Discover the allure of Hawaiian Koa wood, prized for its rich coffee to golden shades, elegantly paired with a plumb black Tungsten carbide band in this stunning ring design. The brushed finish and beveled edges provide a contemporary touch, ensuring this timeless piece stands out in any collection.

The Terra

Experience the perfect blend of old and new with this eye-catching ring, showcasing rustic Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel wood encased in hammered titanium. Crafted from durable grade 5 titanium, each ring is sealed with aircraft adhesive and polished with beeswax for a lasting, lustrous finish.

The Hemingway

Embrace this distinctive men’s wedding band, ideal for the adventurous groom-to-be. Its modern design incorporates genuine turquoise and naturally shed deer antler, set within a durable black ceramic casing. Waterproof and stylish, this ring celebrates love while honoring a deep connection to nature.

Unique Finds

For those looking to truly stand out with a one-of-a-kind men’s wedding band style, Thorum offers a variety of unique finds that push the boundaries of the conventional ring design. These extraordinary creations showcase an individual’s personality and taste, making a bold statement that won’t soon be forgotten. From rings featuring dinosaur bone inlays to those made with reclaimed materials like vintage rifle stocks, these distinctive Thorum designs are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Unique men’s wedding band styles by Thorum may also incorporate unexpected materials like black Damascus steel, tungsten carbide, or Gibeon meteorite. By blending these unconventional elements with classic metals like gold or silver, these wedding bands merge the best of both worlds – striking individuality and timeless elegance. For the groom who dares to be different, a unique find from Thorum will undoubtedly make a memorable statement.

The T-Rex

Discover a bold wedding band that pays tribute to the ancient past. Featuring genuine T-Rex bone fragments in rich crimson and obsidian hues, this ring is a striking conversation starter. Encased in black sandblasted tungsten carbide, it’s durable and waterproof. Ideal for the groom seeking a statement piece with a timeless connection to history.

Black Meteorite

Choose an extraordinary wedding band that captures the cosmos. This rustic black ring showcases a sandblasted tungsten core with a striking offset Gibeon meteorite inlay. With authentic meteorite fragments around 4 billion years old, each ring is truly one-of-a-kind. Perfect for the groom seeking a cosmic connection in a rugged, timeless design.

Historical Finds

For those who appreciate history and the stories of the past, Thorum’s historical men’s wedding band styles offer a meaningful connection to earlier times. These wedding bands incorporate materials and designs that have a rich backstory, adding a layer of depth and significance to the symbol of your commitment. From M1 Garand rifle stocks used in WW2 and the Korean War to rings featuring genuine T-Rex bone, these historical finds from Thorum celebrate the stories that have shaped our world.

By choosing a men’s wedding band style from Thorum that pays tribute to history, grooms can honor the past while embarking on their own journey into the future. These rings not only serve as a symbol of love and commitment but also as a reminder of the lessons and legacies of those who came before us. Thorum’s historical finds are the perfect choice for grooms who want to celebrate their love while honoring the rich tapestry of human experience.

The M1 Garand

Opt for a wedding band steeped in history. This design features sandblasted titanium paired with stabilized wood from an M1 Garand rifle stock, once used in WW2 and the Korean War. Ideal for history buffs, this ring honors the past while symbolizing a lifelong commitment. Sealed with aircraft adhesive and beeswax, it’s a durable and meaningful choice.

The WW2 Ring

Select a wedding band that tells a story. This unique design is inlaid with timber from a retired M1 Garand rifle stock, once used in WW2 and the Korean War. Paired with sandblasted tungsten carbide, this ring combines history and strength. Ideal for the groom who values tradition and seeks a connection to the past in a timeless design.

Rose Gold Detailing

Rose gold detailing brings a touch of warmth and romance to men’s wedding band styles. With its distinctive pink hue, rose gold adds a subtle hint of color that is both trendy and timeless. Whether it’s an inlay or an offset detail, rose gold can elevate a simple design or add an extra layer of sophistication to a more elaborate ring. Grooms who appreciate this modern yet classic look will love the subtle elegance that rose gold brings to their wedding bands.

In combination with other materials like tungsten carbide, black Damascus steel, or even natural elements like wood or meteorite, rose gold detailing creates a stunning contrast that is both eye-catching and refined in men’s wedding band styles. These designs effortlessly blend contemporary style with a nod to tradition, making them a perfect choice for grooms seeking a wedding band that is both fashionable and enduring.

“I wanted to have a wide variety of materials our grooms could choose from because just like people, every ring has a story. Since many of the materials I design with come from nature, each ring will have its own unique details and I think that adds something a little extra special, you know?”

– Caleb Martin

In combination with other materials like tungsten carbide, black Damascus steel, or even natural elements like wood or meteorite, rose gold detailing creates a stunning contrast that is both eye-catching and refined in men’s wedding band styles. These designs effortlessly blend contemporary style with a nod to tradition, making them a perfect choice for grooms seeking a wedding band that is both fashionable and enduring.

The Gladiator

Choose a wedding band that embodies strength and sophistication. This ring features a rustic, hammered gray tungsten carbide exterior, paired with a stunning rose gold coated inlay and interior. Tungsten carbide is highly scratch-resistant, waterproof, and will never tarnish. Ideal for the groom seeking a durable, modern design with a touch of elegance.

The Lancelot

Opt for a wedding band that blends nature and elegance. This ring features a brushed matte tungsten exterior with a rose gold inlay, complemented by a desert ironwood interior. Known for its distinctive red, black, and brown grain, ironwood is one of the hardest and heaviest timbers. Perfect for the groom seeking a unique, durable design that honors the beauty of nature.

The Loki

Choose a wedding band that fuses nature and modernity. This ring features a brushed black tungsten exterior with an offset rose gold inlay, paired with a stunning rosewood burl interior known for its unique grain structure. Sealed with acrylic resin and marine-grade epoxy, the ring is durable and water-resistant. Ideal for the groom seeking a blend of elegance and natural beauty.

The Direwolf

Select a wedding band that combines tradition and innovation. This design showcases 18k rose gold inlaid into tempered black Damascus steel, creating a rustic yet sophisticated look. The unique grain pattern of black Damascus is a result of repeated hammering and folding, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece. Ideal for the groom seeking a lasting, distinctive symbol of commitment.

Traditional with a Modern Twist

For grooms who appreciate classic designs but crave a touch of modern flair, Thorum’s men’s wedding band styles that combine traditional and contemporary elements are the ideal choice. These rings honor timeless aesthetics while incorporating innovative materials and techniques, resulting in a perfect marriage of old and new. From minimalist bands with brushed finishes to more intricate designs featuring rose gold detailing, Thorum’s collection embraces the best of both worlds.

Thorum’s unique approach to crafting men’s wedding bands allows couples to express their love and commitment through a design that feels both familiar and fresh. By integrating modern materials like tungsten carbide and titanium with classic styles and details, these bands offer a distinctive look that will stand the test of time. Grooms who choose Thorum’s wedding bands that fuse traditional and modern elements can be confident that their ring will remain a cherished symbol of their love for years to come.

The Freya

Choose a wedding band inspired by ancient mythology and modern craftsmanship. This rustic, hammered gold ring is named after Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, battle, and gold. Made from jeweler’s grade tungsten carbide, the ring is hypoallergenic, highly durable, and retains its 18k yellow gold aesthetic. Perfect for the groom who values strength, beauty, and timelessness.

The Saga

Select a wedding band that boasts a rugged yet refined look. This black ring features a rustic hammered exterior and a polished interior, designed to suit even the most extreme lifestyles. Made using lost wax casting with industrial molds and polished with diamond paste, the tungsten ring is scratch-resistant and corrosion-free, ideal for the groom seeking durability and style.

The Fjord

Embrace the power of simplicity with this elegantly rugged wedding band. With its minimalist design and understated charm, this ring is perfect for the groom seeking a timeless, classic symbol of love and commitment. Sometimes less truly is more, and this wedding band is a testament to that enduring principle.

The Sterling

Select a wedding band that embodies exceptional quality and timeless style. This minimalist ring is crafted from modern jeweler’s grade tungsten carbide, offering an eternally silver band that’s invulnerable to scratching, scuffing, or wear. The design features a polished interior, chamfers, and a brushed front profile, perfect for the groom seeking a refined and durable symbol of love.

Exploring the world of men’s wedding band styles, there’s no shortage of options for grooms to show off their personality and commitment. Thorum’s fantastic collection showcases nature’s beauty, unique finds, historical elements, chic rose gold details, and a mix of classic and modern designs. Each ring reflects the one-of-a-kind journeys of love and partnership. Plus, don’t forget to use the discount code BM20 at checkout to enjoy a 20% discount on your Thorum purchase!

When choosing the perfect men’s wedding band, consider design, materials, craftsmanship, and symbolism. Thanks to Thorum’s commitment to making high-quality, eye-catching rings, grooms can pick a piece that endures in both durability and style. As we celebrate the trends and innovations of 2023, here’s to every couple finding the ideal ring to symbolize their amazing love story and commitment – made even more special with Thorum’s exclusive discount.

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