Warm Celestial & Witchy Wedding in Rust & Green

Warm Celestial & Witchy Wedding in Rust & Green

Be ready to feast your eyes on the magical and warm celestial wedding of Nathan and Rebecca! They were wed in the summer at The Cow Shed Crail in Scotland on what turned out to be a very special day indeed.

From the stunning outfits (hello gorgeous starry embroidered wedding dress) to the DIY wedding decorations, you’re going to adore their day. There were stunning tones of rust and green, the most beautiful blooms and so much emotion!

Firewood Film, thank you ever so much for sharing with us these truly beautiful images. Enjoy their whole story below.

Warm Celestial Wedding

The Proposal

My husband bought a ring about 3 months before this that I had talked about so much. He kept waiting for an opportunity to propose but said he couldn’t wait any longer. We went for dinner the day before his birthday in a restaurant we loved and he asked me just before dessert. 

The Vision

The wedding vision massively changed over time. But eventually, the vision was very much celestial warmth. We wanted a modern rustic wedding with lots of warmth, gold and greenery. Very romantic, whimsical and importantly… fun!


All we will say is… we wanted to have a budget wedding. We did so much DIY which took so much time. We have no regrets. It made so many things special but it added stress and took up our free time. We quickly learned that while you can have a wedding on a budget… that you can’t necessarily have the wedding YOU want on a budget.

We were able to comfortably make sacrifices and penny-pinch to afford our wedding. We never felt like we were struggling or missing out to make our day happen.

The Venue

The Cow Shed Crail. Absolutely stunning and we knew pretty much straight away it was the venue for us.

Your Outfits

I remember when I first got engaged, everyone asked me about a dress and I had no idea. I looked for what felt like an eternity but I saw nothing that felt like “me”. I started to think I was going to get married in a bin bag. I started to notice I liked the same silhouette over time and ran with that.

One day I was scrolling and scrolling through Instagram and I saw my dress. I KNEW from day 1 that it was my dress. I hunted it down and realised there was only one place in Scotland that stocked it and had to try it on. That was the start of the celestial vibes.

I also knew from day 1 I wanted a halo instead of a veil and I knew exactly where from… it was just a matter of deciding. A celestial halo just made sense and the rest of the jewellery followed. I wanted to have a part of Nathan with me and some crystals because I love crystals so I got the small bracelet with “N” on it and crystals. I got all my accessories from Etsy.

Watters designs – Willowby Stars Align. From Ivory Grace Bridal in Aberdeen. 

Nathan’s kilt was from Gordon Nicholson Kiltmakers in Edinburgh. It was actually a wee stroke of fate as they had a wee display in IKEA one day when we were having a stroll and he picked up a card and decided to book an appointment and ended up loving the shop.

Unfortunately, Nathan didn’t have a family tartan but he loved the black watch tartan and just knew that was the tartan for him. He picked his accessories because he loves stags and our Scottish culture and got a handmade skindu made by a friend with an antler handle. The groomsmen’s kilts were from the same place!

The bridesmaids all got dresses from David’s Bridal in Glasgow. I knew what style I wanted but I was very honest with the girls and said it was a long day and they had to be comfortable and felt like they looked amazing. So I was open to them all having completely different dresses if they wanted that.

However! Luckily they all kinda liked the style and colour I liked! My sister in law chose a slightly different style but it still matched perfectly. 

The Ceremony & Music

The ceremony was performed by our amazing Humanist Mr Gary Smith. Gary told the story of us as a couple which was what we wanted. We loved when we attended weddings and heard the couple’s journey.

My (Rebecca’s) stepdad read two readings during the course of the ceremony). A reading excerpt from Broken Arrow (1950) and from ‘Wild Awake’ by Hilary T Smith. Nathan and I also wrote our own vows because we wanted it to be personal, funny and we wanted every opportunity to connect and remember this day was about us. 

Bridesmaid/bride entry music – Wildest Dreams by Duomo (an instrumental cover of Taylor Swift)
Signing the eegister – Halo Theme (piano rendition)
Couple leaving – Enchanted – Piano Version by Relaxing Piano Covers (originally by Taylor Swift)

Your Photographer & Filmmaker

Firewood Film was our amazing photography and videography team. We absolutely adore them and their work. We always knew we wanted the very warm, cozy and more modern photography style. We wanted the more intimate, relaxed and candid style rather than looking at stiff posed pictures in 20 years.

Nathan and I have never been comfortable in front of the camera so we knew we’d be awkward being too posed. We both knew straight away that Heidi and Robert were the team for us. We didn’t care if they were in England and we’d never meet them until the day, we just knew they’d capture our day and translate how magical it would be.

They did a stunning job and we truly cannot thank them enough. We would do our wedding day a million times over and they would always be our photography/videography team. They made us feel so comfortable and captured memories we will cherish forever.

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon was in Cancun Mexico at the Grand Riviera Princess resort. It was absolutely beautiful.

Memorable Moments

Too many moments to choose from. The night before staying up late with wine and friends. Getting ready in the morning with my favourite people. Walking down the aisle. Reading our vows. My stepdad doing the readings. Randomly taking moments to look around the room when I was at the altar.

Taking Polaroid pictures with my favourites. Sneaking off to take pictures. Running late because our transport didn’t show up but it giving us more special moments to bond with other people and laughs. Dancing with my favourite people. Hugging everyone just after the ceremony. Mr and Mrs game. Just seeing everything come together was just magical. When it was all over sitting down with Nathan and opening all our wonderful cards and gifts.

The Styling & Decor

We DIYed a LOT of decor and apart from the floral elements we styled it entirely with the assistance of family and friends. The catering team obviously provided the crockery and glassware. 

I picked up candle sticks anywhere I could find them – charity shops, IKEA, Facebook marketplace, Amazon, eBay, recycing centres, family members and even Ali Express. Some required spray paint.

The place names were from Etsy and spray painted by Nathan.

The welcome sign, seating plan, drink signs, photography signs, card table signs and table name signs were all made on Canva by the bride and printed using a variety of online services (as well as the invites and the save the dates backing cards which were hand painted magnets from Etsy).

A lot of decor was either from Etsy, Hobbycraft, B&M, ASDA, The Range, Amazon, eBay, IKEA or Facebook marketplace! We also just used stuff we had in our house too. We collected gin bottles ourselves and asked others to keep them for us for decorating. 

Our card box was an IKEA plant greenhouse repurchased off Facebook marketplace. 

My bridesmaid made a beautiful crystal wreath decoration and with the assistance of the chief bridesmaid made the bar decor.

Rebecca, Nathan and the chief bridesmaid also made the “Till death” backdrop by hand with a sign from eBay, zipties and Hobbycraft hedge pannels. 

The tables, chairs, soft furnishings were from Virginia’s Vintage Hire or from the venue but we selected and styled it all.

The cake was done by a friend of my mother which was perfect but we got the cake sign custom made off Etsy.

Our florist was absolutely incredible and worked with us as best as possible to work within our budget and what flowers we liked. A lot we liked wasn’t in season so she tried her best to find alternatives or to find a different similar colour.

We had a Polaroid guest book and clip display which everyone loved!!! I really recommend it. But what I will say is make sure you have backup batteries because our camera died so we only got so many photos. We had an amazing photo booth as well which everyone loved. 

Advice For Other Couples

Make the day as about you as possible. Stick together if you are saying hi to people, sneak away for 15 minutes to chat.

However you can make the day about you, DO IT. It’s so easy to get caught up in making it a good day for others (which you want) but it’s your wedding!! Have the food YOU want, the music, the cake, the outfits or whatever. Make sure everything you are doing is for you.

We spent so much of the day together and honestly I’m so glad. Also, people are going to drop out and people are going to fall out with you. Weddings cause so much drama even if you are the kindest most accommodating person!

Does it get any more beautiful?! Wow!

Nathan and Rebecca, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your stunning day with us.

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