Wedding Bathroom Basket Ideas – Must-Haves & Free Sign

Wedding Bathroom Basket Ideas – Must-Haves & Free Sign

Ever been to a wedding party or event and had an outfit mishap? Perhaps you forgot an essential or wished you’d packed something extra you didn’t think of? This is where the wedding bathroom basket comes in!

It’s a bonus, personal touch for your guests to assist them with whatever they may happen to need. Plus it’s handy for you too! In this article, I am going to dive into some bathroom essentials you could pack and give out on your wedding day. That way you can build your own basket and have it at the ready for all eventualities. 

I also have a free printable bathroom basket sign (seen in the photos) that you can download and print. Hoorah!

Wedding Bathroom Basket Packing Ideas

You don’t need all of the items listed below, but I’ve shared items to cover all possible needs. So it’s best to pick and choose those that are right for your wedding day. Great! Now let’s take a peek at all the different toilet essentials you could pack for your wedding.

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Dental Items
Medical & Health Items
Hair Items
Beauty Items
Babies & Kids Essentials
Hygiene Items
Outfit SOS Items
Miscellaneous Items
Bathroom Basket Tutorial
Bathroom Basket Free Sign


Be careful to keep certain items out of reach of children! Put them high up out of reach, or keep some items stashed away for requests only. Let your venue keep hold of them, your wedding planner or a handy helper.


No one wants something stuck in their tooth or troublesome breath. So allow guests to freshen up their teeth with these handy items:

Chewing Gum

Medical & Health

Sometimes health issues crop up at weddings, so having a basic first aid kit and some key remedies handy is a great idea. Think about bringing these along for your basket:

Sanitary Products
Rehydration Remedy
Throat Lozenges
Cotton Buds
Cotton Wool
Blister Plaster/Cushions
Insect Repellant
Antiseptic Cream/Wipes
Face Masks


Most of you and your guests will be wanting your hair to stay in place and look picture-perfect. Allow guests space in the bathroom to adjust their tresses and consider providing:

Hair Gel
Bobby Pins
Dry Shampoo


Ensure makeup and style is on point all day long with these toiletries and accessories:

Contact Lens Solution
Makeup Remover/Wipes
Oil-Blotting Sheets
Nail File/Scissors
Nail/Eyelash Glue
Make-Up Pencil Sharpener
Clear Nail Varnish
Lip Balm
Make-Up Brush/Beauty Blender

Babies & Kids

If you are having children at your wedding, consider having some essentials on hand:

Baby Wipes
Nappy Cream
Baby Powder
Milk Powder
Muslin Cloths
Nappy Sacks
Changing Mat
Breast Pads (For Mum!)
Nipple Cream
Childrens Liquid Paracetamol


Keeping clean and fresh, especially on a hot day is key. How about using:

Antibacterial Wipes
Body Spray/Fragrance
Face Mist

Outfit SOS

Outfit accidents happen, these kit items will help to fix any:

Flip Flops
Stain Remover
Fashion Tape
Lint Roller
Mini Sewing Kit
Safety Pins
Earring Backs
Spare Undies


And last but not least, here are some random bits that may prove useful:

Phone Charger
Air Freshener

And last, but not least your basket/box to store your bits and bobs!

How To Create A Wedding Bathroom Basket

Now you have picked your essentials, how do you go about finding them, keeping to budget and putting them all together? I have all the answers.

1. Decide Your Budget & Number Of Baskets

You can pick up ready-made bathroom kits on marketplaces. But it’s likely putting your own together is going to save you some money. Firstly, decide on your top budget for your basket – and stick to it! Next, decide if you want one or more baskets. Do you want one for each toilet or could you have a communal one outside of the bathrooms?

Fewer baskets equal less cost, as does the size of your items and the number. So if the budget is tight, pick up only a few must-haves. See if you can source your basket at home, use something you already own or upcycle a basket.

Bathroom basket storage ideas:

Wicker Basket
Wire Basket
Wooden Box/Crate
Fabric Basket

Baskets can also be bought online or in-store. Supermarkets, DIY stores and homeware departments are all good places to check out.

2. Where To Find Your Essentials?

Now you’ve picked your must-have essentials, decided on your budget and found your basket(s) where can you source items? You can pick up essentials online, but sometimes you can save money and time by heading to the shops. Plus, it could avoid any costly mistakes (ever ordered the wrong size or quantity online? ).

You don’t have to buy minis, individual or extra large sizes. The likelihood is, many items may not even be used, and certainly not by all guests. You won’t want wastage, which ends up in landfill and is a waste of money too. Be savvy and consider how much of each item will actually be used.

Think about if an item can be given away or reused afterwards. Or perhaps you have spares at home you can bring along. Mini tools and accessories you can bring if you already own them, so these can be free. Look out for free samples or goodie bags with items you can keep for your basket.

3. Styling Your Basket

Don’t worry too much about personalising your items, going for a colour theme and really styling your basket. Being placed in a bathroom it doesn’t need to match your wedding scheme. This is primarily a practical addition to your day.

That being said, you may wish to add a sign (download my free one below!) that matches your stationery. You could also line your basket with fabric or paper or even add a vase of flowers alongside it. On your sign give instructions for use and you could mention to guests whether or not to take home items if you prefer to avoid waste.

4. Packing Your Basket & Placement

Unpack your items. Don’t leave them in your packaging, guests are more likely to use them that way. Plus it avoids rubbish strewn around your venue’s bathrooms. Arrange essentials by category if you can so guests can view easily what’s there.

Think aabout using cups or containers for smaller bits and try to keep everything as hygienic as possible where needed.

It’s a good idea to stow away potentially dangerous items to kids or ask someone to keep them safe for you for requests only. Otherwise, try to put your items next to a mirror and sink, out of the way of those queuing to use the loos. You could always set up a table with a mirror and stool elsewhere for all guests to use, rather than in the bathroom if the room is tight on space.

5. On The Day Set Up

On the day, you can either place your ready-made basket in situ or ask someone to help arrange it for you. You could always ask someone to keep an eye on the basket, keep it tidy and refill it if you have any spares throughout the day and night.

Don’t forget to clear it up after the party too.

Freebie – Printable Wedding Bathroom Basket Sign

As a bonus, I’ve created an exclusive and totally free bathroom basket sign for you to print and use. All you need to do is sign up below, download, print and then pop in a frame to display on the day. You’re welcome.


And so there you have it! All the items to consider for your wedding bathroom basket as well as exactly how to plan it all out. Woop!

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