40 Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles – The Prettiest Ideas

40 Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles – The Prettiest Ideas

When it comes to your bridesmaid hairstyle I know exactly what you want to achieve.

Firstly, you want your maids to look and feel fabulous. Secondly, you want your besties’ tresses to tie into your wedding style. Thirdly, you want to keep to your wedding beauty budget. And finally, you want your bridesmaids’ barnets to coordinate with your own style without taking away from you being front and centre.

Well, you’re in the right place as not only am I going to share some super beautiful bridesmaid hairdos, but also share top tips on all things bridesmaid hair. Hooray!

Stunning Bridesmaid Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Wedding Hair Looks

1. Boho Accessories

Get all the boho vibes by adding cute accessories with festival-vibe plaits.

 Photo: Kerry Ann Duffy via Greatest Showman Wedding Hairstylist: Hero Hairstylist


2. Half Up Half Down Style

The bridesmaid classic, a half up half down style is versatile for all hair types and lengths.

 Photo: Bloom Weddings via Granary On The Common Wedding Hairstylist: Mane Attraction Hair Salon


3. Ponytail

Ponytails are chic, practical and are perfect for bridesmaid hair accessories to add a touch of special.

 Photo: Emily Montay via Wooden Wedding Ideas Hairstylists: Vicky Jiggens Bridal & Hannah Heller Bridal


4. Use Hair Accessories

Try using hair accessories to tie in different hairstyles for your bridesmaids. This is perfect if you are DIYing your bridesmaid hair and are looking to add a touch of luxe.

 Phot0: Laura Williams Weddings via Autumn Wedding Colours Hair Styling: Jessica Penfold Makeup & Hairstyling


5. Same Style Different Ways

Allow your maids’ personalities to shine, by having the same hairdo, but styled in slightly different ways. Boho beautiful!

 Photo: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography via High House Wedding Hair: Sophistic Hair


6. Bridesmaid Updo

Use plaits, buns and pretty flowers to do the talking. Add some loose tendrils at the front to soften their final look.

 Photo: Terri & Lori Photo and Film via Boho Rustic Barn Wedding Hairstylist: Belle’s Beauty


7. Up Or Down

Allow your maids to choose if they’d prefer their hair up or down. Then add the same flower crowns for a sweet tied together style.

 Photo: Alisa Nicholle Co via Modern City Wedding Ideas Hair Stylist: Allure Salon & Spa


8. Half Down Waves

Tying hair back ensures maids don’t have hair falling over their faces all day. Tong the remaining tresses for a chic finish.

 Photo: Lyra and Moth via Abbey House Gardens Wedding Hair Styling: Holly Andersen Makeup


9. Braids

Pick a hair theme and use it throughout your bridesmaids’ hairstyles. For example, this group all had hair braids but some went for updos and some loose waves.

 Photo: Aurora Grey Photography via Norfolk Barn Wedding Hair: Cara Hubbard


10. Medium Length Hair

For mid-length manes, if not all hair can be gathered up, leave some loose. Learn how to make plaits on Youtube and create your own cute braids if your budget doesn’t stretch to a pro.

 Photo: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography via High House Wedding Hair: Sophistic Hair


11. Hair Up

It’s lovely for brides to allow their long hair to be down and have their bridesmaid’s hair up. That way their manes are the star of the show.

 Photo: Terri & Lori Photography and Film Studio via Sheene Mill Wedding Hair: The Grey Room


12. Coordinating Accessories

How lovely are these hairdos? All with similar yet unique hair accessories to create a mix-and-match style.

 Photo: Chloe Ely Photography via Contemporary Wedding Ideas Hair Styling: Hayley Brown of Simon Smith Hair


13. Side Plait

Bring a single plait to the side for a romantic hairstyle idea.

 Photo: Sarah-Jane Ethan via Newton Hall Wedding Hair: Lisa Jones Hair and Make Up Artist


14. Bun & Flower Crown

Yes, you can do updos for your maids with flower crowns!

 Photo: Kit Myers Photography via Whimsical Tipi Garden Wedding Hair: Louise’s Bohemian Hair


15. Side Chignon

Don’t worry about having a slick look, allow for a natural style with a messy side chignon.

 Photo: Sarah-Jane Ethan via Rustic Summer Country DIY Barn Wedding Hairstyling: Powder and Pin


16. Long Plait

If your bridesmaids have long hair, and your bridesmaid dresses have lots of detail. How about a long single plait? It’s also super easy to create.

 Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Homemade Wedding Hair: Samantha Gannon


17. Flower Crowns

Let the flowers be the star of the show. So pretty!

 Photo: Emily & Steve Photography via Pitt Hall Barn Wedding


18. Undone Hair

I love how this hairstyle has a pretty undone feel. So rustic and beautiful!

 Photo: Meraki Wedding Photography via Geometric Woodland Wedding Ideas Hairdresser: She Said Yes Bridal Hair


19. Classic Updo

For a chic and classic wedding, a traditional updo is perfect.

 Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Holkham Hall Wedding Hair: Amanda Steed Makeup and Hair


20. Twists

Twists can be used in hair to create volume and texture.

 Photo: Grace Elizabeth Photography via Grey Wedding Ideas Hair: April Natalie


21. Gentle Curls

Create loose curls and allow them to fall for a voluminous yet pretty hairstyle that’s totally wearable.

 Photo: Nicola Belson Photography via Minimalist Wedding Ideas Hair: Rachael Capocci


22. Let Bridesmaids Be Themselves

Ever been a bridesmaid? The last thing you want is to be forced into a style that just isn’t you. Instead, let your bridesmaids all have their own unique hairstyle. It can work, pinky promise!

 Photo: Helen Abraham Photography via Bermuda Wedding


23. Short Bridesmaid Hair

For shorter hair, such as bobs, the half up half down styling will work effortlessly.

 Photo: Meraki Wedding Photography via Geometric Woodland Wedding Ideas Hairdresser: She Said Yes Bridal Hair


24. Low Bun

These maids had mismatched hairstyles. The bride has a low bun, one maid braids, another bridesmaid a twisted updo and the last bridesmaid with her hair down. Picture perfect!

 Photo: The Light Painters via DIY Autumn Wedding Hair: Olivia Mills Makeup


25. Halo Braid

Bring retro vibes with halo braids. Perfect for keeping bridesmaids cool in hot weather!

 Photo: Flawless Photography via Chateau Lagorce Wedding Hair: Bow and Blush


26. French Plait

If you are handy with French plaits, why not plait bridesmaids hair yourself? Add dainty flowers for a special flourish.

 Photo: Luke Doyle via Manor Farm Wedding Hampshire Hair: NW Make-up and Team


27. Fishtail Plait & Pearl Pins

Fishtail plaits are a little trickier to achieve, but oh-my how the end result is worth it!

 Photo: Florence Berry Photography via East Quay Wedding Hairstyling: She Said Yes Bridal Hair


28. Vintage Victory Rolls

Take inspiration from eras gone by. How gorgeous are these victory rolls?

 Photo: Paul Underhill via Knighton House Wedding Dorset Hair: Kam Hair


29. Messy Buns

Ideal for thin hair, messy buns add volume and texture plus look ever so pretty.

 Photo: Jessica Reeve Photography via Llanrhaeadr Springs Wedding


30. Curly Hair

If your bridesmaids have naturally curly hair, a simple low bun, with loose strands will look stunning.

 Photo: Oilvejoy Photography via Elopement Wedding Ideas Hair: Frances Moore MUA


31. Chunky Plaits

Take plaits up for a pretty and natural hairdo.

 Photo: Laura Jane Photography via Bridal Shower Ideas Hen Party Hair: Victoria Taylor


32. Natural Tresses

Effortless and natural, I love this simple yet pretty bridesmaid hair idea.

 Photo: The Springles via Escape To The Chateau Wedding Hairstylist: @matthewcrosshairdressing


33. Bride Hair Up Bridesmaid Hair Down

If you have the budget for a professional bridal hairstyle, but it doesn’t stretch for your bridesmaid’s hair too. Ask them to wear their hair down in loose waves.

 Photo: Jonny Gouldstone Photography via Hertfordshire Farm Wedding Hair: Makeup By Sian


34. Floral Dreams

If you are having a statement flower crown, use the same flowers in smaller arrangements in your bridesmaids’ hair.

 Photo: Holly Rose Weddings via Kent Village Hall Wedding


35. Long Hair

For a boho bridesmaid style, ask your bridesmaids to wear their long hair down.

 Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Elford Hall Garden Wedding Hairstylist: theoccasionhair_


36. Hair Comb

Use a hair comb to achieve a side-swept style. Gorgeous!

 Photo: Sarah J Scott Photography via Blue Purple Gold Wedding Ideas Hairstylist: Millie Makeup


37. Anything Goes

If you are going all out with dresses, accessories and shoes, don’t worry too much about coordinating hairstyles. They really aren’t necessary for a gorgeous bridal party look.

 Photo: Michelle Agurto via Ecuador Wedding Hair: Andrea Giler


38. Statement Bow

Keep hairdos simple and use a large statement accessory instead.

 Photo: Love and Life Studio via Lakeside Wild Berry Farm Wedding Hair: Danica Zurawel Hair


39. Hollywood Waves

Use a barrel tong to create Hollywood waves for chic black-tie affairs. Use products to create ultimate shine too.

 Photo: Danielle Smith Photography via Brewerstreet Farmhouse Wedding Hair: Alka from the Ambreen Team


40. Simple Does It

How easy is it to recreate this style? Take some strands of hair, pin them up and tong the rest. Stunning.

 Photo: Into The Light Fine Art Photography via Blue Wedding Dress Hair: Maria Whiting


How Should Bridesmaids Wear Their Hair?

When it comes to bridesmaid hairstyles, there are no rules. The couple can request bridesmaids wear their hair in a certain style or may ask bridesmaids to style their own. Some couples hire a hair stylist to do all the bridal party hair too.

Ways To Style Bridesmaids’ Hair

Half up, half down
Loose waves down
Straightened tresses
Add accessories/flowers

Should Bridesmaids’ Hair Match?

Bridesmaid hairstyles do not need to match. They can of course match, which can look lovely. But mismatched bridesmaid hair can also look equally gorgeous.

Who Pays For Bridesmaid Hairstyling?

If hiring a professional hairstylist, the couple should pay for the bridesmaids’ hair. That being said, a couple may ask the bridesmaids if they’d like to book their chosen bridal hairdresser and pay for their own style. But of course, there should be no obligation for bridesmaids to have to do so.

If DIYing bridesmaid hair, bridesmaids would be expected to style their own hair. Or a friend/family member may be willing to lend a helping hand.

Should The Bridesmaid’s Hair Be Different To The Bride’s Hairstyle?

The bride can decide if they’d like the bridesmaid’s hair to match their own style. There is no hard and fast rule here. Some brides may like the idea of all the hairstyles matching, some may wish for them to be different or have a common theme to tie them all together.

Who Decides The Bridesmaids’ Hairstyle?

The couple may decide on the bridesmaids’ hairstyles, but more often than not will work together with the bridesmaids to make the perfect hair choice!

How Much Does Bridesmaid Hair Cost?

Expect to pay anywhere between £40-£70+ per bridesmaid hairstyle by a professional hairstylist. Location, hairstyle complexity and accessories can all impact the costs.


And that’s a wrap! All the bridesmaid hairstyle ideas you’ll ever need, plus your burning bridesmaid hair questions solved. Yay!


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