46 Unique Wedding Confetti Ideas – By Type & Display Decor

46 Unique Wedding Confetti Ideas – By Type & Display Decor

Confetti has to be one of my favourite wedding moments. They create the loveliest of images, which are pretty, relaxed and usually full of smiles. Plus that moment of flutter really cements the fact, that you are officially married! Horray!

But, what wedding confetti ideas are there? How do you display your confetti and are there any confetti alternatives? No need to fret, I am here with all the answers and inspiration.

Photo: Angela Ward-Brown Photography via Portsmouth Wedding Confetti: Proper Confetti


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Throwing Wedding Confetti Ideas

When it comes to choosing confetti, many venues ask for biodegradable confetti to be used. This makes sense, it’s wildlife friendly and is more sustainable. So, when considering the throwing confetti ideas I am about to show you, it’s always a good idea to check if it’s biodegradable and safe for wildlife. If in doubt, you can always ask your venue!

Here are some different confetti types to consider.

1. Rice

Rice confetti is one of the older traditions and it still has its place. It’s cheap, and it’s natural, but be aware, it may be a little hard on your skin when it is thrown.

 Photo: Flavia Eleonora Tullio via Natural Italy Villa Wedding


2. Dried Petals

Real dried petals are proving to be a popular choice for wedding confetti, with them being eco-friendly.

You can also DIY wedding confetti petals, this can be a time-consuming process but if you have the time can save you money. The results can be just stunning too. You could vary the flower type for different colours or sized petals.

 Photo: Emily & Steve Photography via South Downs Barn Wedding


3. All One Colour

Choosing just one colour of confetti can have a beautiful impact on your photos.

Photo: The Kindred Collective via Kindred Barn Wedding


4. Wool Pom Poms

Wool pom poms look amazing in images. Wool pom poms are easy to make, are soft and look fab in photos. Be sure to collect up the wool pom poms after the throw so they don’t litter your outdoor space.

You can keep and use the pom poms in a future craft project too.

Photo: Nicki Shea Photography via Alternative Rainbow Woodland Wedding Ideas


5. Leaves

Collect leaves or herbs in woodland or in gardens. They can be dried or fresh. A free, sustainable and beautiful confetti option.

Photo: Lorena Erre via Mountain Wedding Spain


6. Glitter

Glitter confetti creates a really sparkly effect in your wedding photos. But be sure to use biodegradable and eco-friendly glitter to save any damage to the environment.

 Photo: Irene Yap Photography via Bell Ticehurst Wedding


7. Sprinkles

Or how about using cake sprinkles? Dainty, pretty and edible, what’s not to love?

8. Paper Hearts

Paper confetti is perhaps the most popular choice, with biodegradable options available to buy easily. However, you can also DIY your wedding confetti pretty simply. Get a paper stamp in the shape of your choice and get crafty.

 Photo: Rebecca Wedding Photography via Lavender Farm Tipi Wedding


9. Cannon

For a full-on confetti moment, consider a confetti cannon. Biodegradable cannons are readily available too. The cannon really helps with the full confetti look in your photos.

 Photo: Three Flowers Photography via Pink Red Wedding


10. Pop

Or a smaller version is the sweet confetti pop!

 Photo: Eva Photography via Wimborne House Wedding Confetti: Calypso Did It


11. Lavender

Lavender seeds are a beautiful confetti idea as they will smell amazing. But are also biodegradable and look stunning.

 Photo: Bloom Weddings via Saltmarshe Hall Quirky Stylish Wedding


12. Fresh Flower Petals

Rather than using dried flower petals, how about fresh flower petals and mini blooms? These will flutter gently, have vivid colour and smell wonderful. Be sure to pick them as close to your ceremony as possible to avoid any wilting.

 Photo: L’Ordine della Giarrettiera via Villa Del Grumello Wedding


13. DIY Tissue Paper Confetti

The beauty of making your own confetti is being able to customise your colours and shapes. Biodegradable tissue paper is a good option and you can go wild with colour and shape.

 Photo: Rachel Kenyon via Bashall Barn Wedding


14. Seeds

Does it get any more environmentally friendly than wildflower seed, or even birdseed confetti?

Photo: Bethany Stanley Photography via Bohemian Summer DIY Pub Garden Wedding


15. Rainbow Circles

Go bold with large rainbow circle confetti, the end result in photographs always look so epic!

 Photo: Andy Gaines via Creative Crafty Village Hall Wedding


16. Snowy Confetti

For winter weddings or Christmas weddings, does it get any more romantic than a snow confetti effect? Choose all-white confetti to recreate this look.

 Photo: Naomi Mills Photography via Christmas Wedding Theme


Alternative Wedding Confetti Ideas

There are also a lot of alternative confetti ideas around since the original rice confetti was born. These can be great if you don’t want confetti, but are still looking for a photographic opportunity. Or your venue doesn’t allow confetti at all.

17. Bubbles

Good old bubbles are fun for guests and can look fantastic in images.

 Photo: Victoria Whiting Photography via La Mon Hotel Spa Wedding


18. Smoke Flares

Smoke flares have become a portrait statement in recent years. Use coloured smoke to add va-va-voom to your shots.

 Photo: Brad Gommon Photography via Endeavour Woodland Weddings


19. Flags

Make and give out mini flags for guests to wave as you exit your ceremony.

 Photo: Victoria JK Lamburn via Modern Rustic Ivory Barn Wedding


20. Pom Poms On Sticks

Add wool pom poms to sticks to celebrate that just-married moment.

 Photo: Nicki Shea Photography via Alternative Rainbow Woodland Wedding Ideas


21. Wands

Everyone will love a wand to wave, add ribbons and bells for extra sound.

 Photo: Amanda Sutton Photography via Adventure Woodland North Carolina Wedding


22. Sparklers

Or how about a sparkler exit in the evening instead?

 Photo: Olegs Samsonovs Photography via Moon Stars Wedding Ideas


23. Paper Aeroplanes

Paper aeroplanes will be sure to have guests enjoying themselves. Be sure to pick up the paper planes when you’ve finished with them though.

 Photo: Kristian Leven Photography via Royal Hospital Chelsea Wedding


Wedding Confetti Holder Ideas

So we’ve got all the confetti ideas nailed, but shall we take a look at confetti holder ideas as well as confetti table inspiration? I think so, let’s go!

24. Cellophane Packets

Pop your confetti in biodegradable cellophane packets so guests can easily see the contents. Don’t forget to add a sign.

 Photo: Peter Hugo Photography via Low Osgoodby Grange Wedding


25. Glassine Envelopes

Glassine envelopes are a great option, they are softer, inexpensive and can be secured with a cute custom sticker.

Photo: Firewood Film via Warm Celestial Wedding


26. Toilet Rolls

Collect and remodel toilet roll tubes into cute confetti holders.

Photo: AD Photography via Nortonbury Farm Wedding


27. Confetti Cones

Use paper to create your own wedding confetti cones. There are so many personal and fun ways to pick paper for confetti cones. Here are some ideas:

Book Pages
Music Sheets
Patterned Paper
Kraft Paper
Seed Paper

You can choose paper that has meaning and a story for you too. Such as a favourite book, song or place.

Photo: Bernadeta Kupiec via Dunbar Wedding


28. Cardboard Pouch

These card and twine pouches look so stylish!

Photo: Bloom Weddings via Granary On The Common Wedding


29. Paper Cups

Paper cups are such a cute idea, they are easy to hold and can be customised too.

Photo: Camilla J. Hards via Rustic Gate Street Barn Wedding


30. Basket

A simple basket where guests can grab a handful of confetti has to be the cheapest and easiest option for holding confetti.

Photo: Carn Patrick Photography via Newton Hall Wedding


31. Bucket

Or how about a beautiful metal bucket?

Photo: Kelly J Photography via Rustic Whimsical Woodland Floral Wedding


32. Tray

Add your confetti to trays and place them at your ceremony for a chic style. It doubles up as gorgeous aisle decor.

Photo: Mollie McAusland Photography via Yurt Village Wedding


33. Net Bags

Netting bags look soft and romantic. It’s a good way to control the ‘portion’ sizes for each guest too.

Photo: Amy B Photography via Unique Outdoorsy Tipi Wedding


34. Boxes

Confetti boxes can look so cute! Pop them in a wire basket for a modern feel.

Photo: HBA Photography via Rose Gold Dove Grey Wedding


35. Stationery

To make things seamless, add confetti pouches inside your ceremony booklets. That way each guest will have some and it saves your wedding party from another role.

Photo: Tiree Dawson via Askham Hall Wedding


36. Paper Bags

Paper bags can work really well. You can customise bags with hand lettering, stickers and even cute pegs.

Photo: Milkbottle Photography via Hessian Lace Wedding


37. Test Tubes

Test tubes are a fun way to hold confetti, be sure to keep and reuse them after the day too.

Photo: Christopher Ian Photography via Felin Newydd House Wedding Confetti: Shropshire Petals


38. Drawstring Bags

Make or buy drawstring bags that can double up as a cute wedding favour.

Photo: Sowing Clover via Bohemian Outdoor Greenery Wedding Georgia


39. Wax Seals

Wax seals create a touch of luxe to these lovely confetti cones.

Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Chaucer Barn Wedding


Wedding Confetti Table Ideas

So you have your confetti vessels decided now, but just how to display your lovely confetti?

40. Wooden Pallet Stand

How about pegging your confetti packets to a wooden pallet? Guests certainly won’t miss them.

Photo: Terri & Lori Photo and Film via Boho Rustic Barn Wedding


41. Hamper

Why not put your confetti cones in a hamper or basket?

Photo: Wild Tide Weddings via Summer Boho Wedding


42. Suitcase

A vintage suitcase can be perfect for displaying your confetti to guests.

Photo: Simon Murray Images via Crug Glas Country House Wedding


43. Pick-n-Mix Confetti Bar

Make your confetti interactive with a cute pick-n-mix confetti bar.

Photo: Darina Stoda Photography via Stubton Hall Wedding


44. On Chairs

Tie confetti cones to guests’ chairs to ensure each guest gets their cone.

Photo: Ilaria Petrucci via Indie Folk Hand Made Outdoor Wedding


45. Wooden Box

Pop confetti in a wooden box and scatter some petals on your table (or barrel) to decorate.

Photo: Joe Mather Photography via Colourful DIY Floral Luxe Barn Wedding


46. Confetti Role

Or for some fun, ask a member of your wedding party to be a confetti person.

Photo: Olegs Samsonovs Photography via Moon Stars Wedding Ideas


Do We Need To Organise Wedding Confetti?

Of course, you could not prepare any confetti and let your guests bring their own. But I do love the idea of preparing pretty packaging for your confetti, your guests will adore that personal touch. And there will always be guests that forget to bring some.

So to guarantee a momentous confetti shot, it’s best to prepare yourself.

Do You Have To Have Wedding Confetti?

There are no rules when it comes to wedding details and decor. There is no requirement to have confetti if it isn’t for you.

Who Throws Confetti At A Wedding?

Ideally, every guest can join in and throw wedding confetti. But if your budget is tight, why not ask your key wedding party members to join in with the moment?

Do I Need Confetti For Every Guest?

It’s unlikely every single guest will join in with the confetti throw, so don’t worry if you don’t have enough for every single one of your guests. Aim for 60-80% confetti distribution between your guests. That being said if you are happy with a lighter confetti throw, you could opt for less.

Where To Display Wedding Confetti?

Confetti is generally thrown after the ceremony, so you’ll want it available at your ceremony. If you wish for it to be thrown as you get to your reception, have it set up there.

There are some different options for how to go about it:

Set up a confetti table or bar
Add confetti to stationery
Pop confetti on ceremony chairs
Ask a helper to give out confetti

If you aren’t asking a helper to distribute your confetti, ensure it’s placed in a prominent place so guests spot it.


And that’s a wrap! All the wedding confetti ideas you’ll ever need to nail your confetti moment. Yay!


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