Big Bold & Beautiful White & Blue Drag Extravaganza Wedding

Big Bold & Beautiful White & Blue Drag Extravaganza Wedding

Ready for a big, bold drag extravaganza? Amazing, as Callum and Martin are joining us with their beautiful The Georgian Townhouse wedding in Norwich.

Their day was such fun with epic entertainment all day long, from bingo to drag artists and even cabaret, it looked like such a blast! Then there were Callum and Martin’s super stylish outfits and the magnificent flowers. I adore the installations around the doorway to the venue, so stunning.

Look out for delicious treats, a pretty white and blue outdoor reception set up and a very special first look.

Thanks ever so much to the brilliant Camilla Andrea Photography for sharing with us these incredible images. Wow!

The Georgian Townhouse Wedding

The Proposal

I think the proposal sums us up completely. We very rarely disagree with each other, we are very much on the same page. However, we was in the middle of our first very heated disagreement and we both stopped and said let’s get married.

The Vision

The vision was to make the day timeless. We didn’t want to look back and not be able to pinpoint the era. Our colours were white and blue, that was also the dress code for our guests. We wanted to follow the guidelines of a traditional wedding and then make it all about our personalities.

We also wanted to pay homage to the queer community that paved the way for us to be able to get married. We wanted the biggest celebration possible. The biggest part of the vision was to make our guests disconnect from reality and step into the world of drag! This was very much achieved.


We were lucky enough to not have a budget.

The Venue

The Georgian Townhouse.

Your Outfits

The husband (Martin) went for a classic blue three-piece suit and bow tie. The bride (Callum) went with a classic white HUGO suit with an off-white turtle neck and white shoes to match. Then in the evening the bride turned into groom number 2 and went for exactly the same outfit as their day but in a gorgeous navy.

The Ceremony & Music

The ceremony was inspired by the Disney short ‘Paperman’. This has a big meaning to our relationship.

We used the music from Paperman, Paperman by B.Kudanowski.

The vows were traditional vows, we decided not to write our own. The idea of us being able to use the same vows as a man and woman, really spoke to us.

At the end of the ceremony instead of confetti, we had our guests write messages on paper planes and throw them at us.

The Styling & Decor

The theme was a white and blue drag extravaganza! The decor from flowers down to paper cups where all white and blue, including the dress code. Women in white and men in blue.

There were drag queens upon arrival. We had circus acts for the pop cork celebration after the ceremony. This then lead into a drag bingo wedding breakfast. For the evening entertainment we had the most amazing cabaret show and to finish the best drag DJ!!

Your Photographer

The amazing Camilla Andrea Photography. The day would not have been same without her!

The Honeymoon

We travelled round Italy. We started in Verona, then Venice, then Lake Garda, then Milan, then Florence and ended in Rome.

Memorable Moments

If I’m being completely honest the whole day is a complete memorable moment. Seeing the different walks of life of our friends and family, coming together and letting them share in not just our wedding but who we are as a couple.

On a side note a moment that made the day what it was, was seeing Martins’s dad step into his son’s world and embrace it with so much joy and love. Martins’s dad is no longer with us. So Martin to have this moment with his dad, is truly special.

Advice For Other Couples

The best advice I could give on planning a wedding is just do you. Make it about the both you and celebrate what makes you the couple you are. And most importantly have fun!

Oh, what an amazing day!

Callum and Martin, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your epic The Georgian Townhouse wedding story with us.

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