Bridesmaid Duties List For Thoughtful Maids & Couples

Bridesmaid Duties List For Thoughtful Maids & Couples

I have to be honest from the outset, it may be controversial I don’t really like the phrase ‘bridesmaid duties‘. However, it seems to be the most common way to describe the role of a bridesmaid/bridesman and the responsibilities they can help with. So we’ll stick with it for the purpose of this article .

First things first, there are no rules when it comes to weddings.

Couples don’t actually have to have bridesmaids.
Weddings can have bridesmates, bridesmen, bridespeople, maid of honour, man of honour. Labels and gender should not influence the wedding party.
Couples don’t have to delegate or ask their wedding party to take on any duties.
Wedding party members shouldn’t feel worried, stressed, out of pocket, or expected to do all or any of the duty ideas below.


Now we have that out of the way, shall we take a look at some duties that your maids can help with? Or perhaps you are a dedicated bridesmaid/bridesman who wishes to help your bride/groom with their plans?

I am here to help, with a round-up of all the ways bridesmaids/bridesmen can be of help. Hoorah! Plus I’ll share my top tips along the way to help keep drama to a minimum and the good times rolling.

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Bridesmaid Duties During Wedding Planning
Bridesmaid Duties On The Day
Bridesmaid Duties After The Wedding

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Helpful Bridesmaid Duties To Assist The Happy Couple

From engagement to honeymoon, a bridesmaid/bridesman can be at the side of the bride or groom.

Some couples look for a lot of involvement, others not so much. The same goes for bridesmaids, some may wish to get fully involved and others take more of a back seat. There is no right or wrong. The key though, is communication.

As a bridesmaid/bridesman, if you are unsure what to do or be a part of, ask the couple or offer to help with certain aspects. As a couple, think about asking your bridesmaids/bridesmen if they’d like to get involved and what they’d perhaps would like or wouldn’t like to do.

That open and honest communication from the outset will help to mitigate any dramas or fallouts. Set any expectations and duties right at the offset.

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Duties During Wedding Planning

When it comes to helping the couple plan their day, there are so many ways bridesmaids/bridesmen can be involved. From venue visits to wedding shows, wedmin, timelines and WhatsApp groups there are some really fun parts to be involved in.

Moral and emotional support
Engagement party planning
Wedding planning assistance
Pre-wedding party planning (hen party/stag party)
Wedding event visits
Shopping trips
Menu tasting
Pre-wedding beauty treatments
Wedding rehearsal help
Gathering the night before
Wedding décor set up

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Duties On The Wedding Day

On the wedding day itself, there can be so many little things to consider and help with. This may vary depending on the type of wedding. If it’s a DIY wedding, there may be more heavy involvement. If there is a wedding planner or on-the-day coordinator, not so much help may be required. Some suppliers that have been hired may also take on some of the responsibilities.

As a couple, think about drawing up things on the day you may need help with. Then approach your bridesmaids and wedding party to see if anyone would like to help out. As a bridesmaid/bridesman, you could speak to the couple and ask what you need to do on the day. That way it’s really clear for everyone.


Morning prep/getting ready
Swapping gifts between the couple in the morning
Check that the bridal party is on time
Ensure everyone has what they need to take to the wedding

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Driving the transport
Looking after bridal handbag/bouquet
Holding the hem of a long dress train
Giving out the order of ceremony booklets
Walking down the aisle
Escort for walking down the aisle
Scattering petals down the aisle
Looking after the rings
Giving the rings to the couple
Doing a reading
Performing a piece of music
Being a witness
Handing out confetti
Helping to arrange group photos

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Supplier liaison
Toilet trip assistance
Wedding speeches at the reception
Looking after wedding cards/gifts
Ensuring the wedding guest book is signed
Preen the bride’s makeup/outfit
Moving guests to different areas
Take care of the emergency kit/bathroom basket
Ensuring suppliers are looked after/fed
Announcing what’s next
Filling the dance floor
Paying suppliers on the day
Decorating the honeymoon suite
Decorating the getaway car
Helping with the couple’s exit/sparkler shot

Couples, once it’s finalised whos doing what, draw up a checklist and timeline. Then hand it out to wedding party members as well as suppliers, so the day runs smoothly.

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Duties After The Wedding

Post-wedding there are always things to do. But newlyweds may wish to do them themselves. Alternatively, if the couple is jetting off straight away on a honeymoon, it could be helpful to step in with certain elements of their post-wedding debrief.

Wedding decor takedown/clear up
Photo/video viewing/sharing
Record who gave which gifts
Outfit dry cleaning
Returning hired outfits
Decorate the couple’s home for their honeymoon return
Thank yous

It’s also worth remembering that if the wedding party is larger, tasks can be delegated between more people. But also other guests may wish to help and take on responsibilities too. That way bridesmaids don’t have all the duties and are able to let their hair down too.

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So there you have it, all the possible bridesmaid duties as well as some top tips on how to organise tasks. Yay!


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