Groom’s Wedding Speech Template – Free Download To Fill In

Groom’s Wedding Speech Template – Free Download To Fill In

When it comes to wedding speeches, some love them, some loathe them. But, they have become a staple at weddings and for good reason. Writing and performing a groom’s speech is a momentous part of a wedding.

So I’ve created a groom speech template you can download, print and use to fill out to help create the structure of your own, personalised speech. As well as top tips and ways to perform your speech to help ease any nerves, so you can actually enjoy the whole experience.

First things first, you don’t actually have to have a groom’s speech or any wedding speeches for that matter (we didn’t at our wedding!). Or you can have joint, couple or group speeches. Let’s not forget brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride/groom and female guests, can also make a speech too. There are no rules.

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Free Wedding Speech Template Download

Groom Wedding Speech Template

Here’s a quick overview of an example structure for a groom’s speech. Then at the bottom of this article, you can actually download your own document to edit and help guide you through writing your very own speech. With prompts and ideas to help inspire your wording. Simply fill in the blanks!

Announcement of the start of speeches (if you are first)
Hello and welcome with a quick mention of your new wife/husband
Thank guests for attending/travelling
Talk about your new/husband/wife
Share any special news or announcements
Mention/toast to absent loved ones
Thank your parents/guardians/family
Thank your new inlaws
Thank individual wedding party members
Thank suppliers
Those who helped plan/set up

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Groom Speech Writing Tips

Once you’ve downloaded your groom speech template, try and follow these top tips.

You Don’t Have To Be Funny

Contrary to popular opinion, your speech doesn’t actually have to be funny. Now, you may be a real joker and adding hilarious jokes or anecdotes may come naturally. In this case – great stuff. But, if forcing humour or thinking of unique jokes makes you break into a sweat. Ditch it.

Write authentically and on the day some natural humour may find its way into your speech. But when it comes to it, meaningful and touching words will be remembered more than a cringy one-liner that may (or may not) land well.

Don’t Try Too Hard

If you try too hard to be clever or make a super-lengthy speech, guests may lose concentration and your words may lose impact. Sometimes a short but sweet speech may be remembered or enjoyed more than a 4-page essay that gets lost in the room.

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Keep It Simple

Keeping your writing simple and clear and will make for easy listening (and reading!).  A speech doesn’t need to be spectacular, perfect or have gimmicks. Focus on what a wedding speech is actually all about. Your day, your relationship story and the loved ones around you.

Always Be Yourself

If you are usually the one who gives a toast at family dos or is a confident presenter, then be yourself. If this is a part of your day you are going to relish, make the most of it. However, if the speech is out of your comfort zone, focus solely on being yourself.

If you are a person of a few words, a few words are all that’s needed. If you aren’t the formal type, keep your style informal and relaxed. Just don’t forget the all-important thank yous and your mention of your new wife/husband.

Give Yourself Time

Please don’t leave your speech to the wedding morning, or the night before. It may seem a good idea to put off a speech due to nerves. But facing it head-on a slowly making preparations will leave you feeling more confident.

That being said, if you are here at the last minute, don’t fret. There is still time and it’s not too late. Take a breath, find a quiet spot, put on some calming music and make some notes. For inspiration try playing your song or looking at photos of your love.

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How Long Should A Wedding Speech Be?

Speech length is important. Imagine sitting at a wedding you’ve been to, could you sit for 30 minutes per wedding speech? Thought not. You want time for guests to talk, party and drink. Consult your wedding timeline to see the maximum time given for all the wedding speeches. It’s a good idea to keep your groom’s speech under 10 minutes as a guideline.

In terms of word count, you’re looking at 500-700 words for a 5-minute speech or 1000-1400 words for a 10-minute speech. Of course, this depends on how quickly you speak and if there are any interruptions such as giving gifts, hugs or responses to guests.

Try reading out your draft as you would expect to and time it to decide if you are happy with the length.

Send To A friend

Consider sending your speech draft to a trusted friend or loved one to read over. They could help suggest edits or reassure you that you have it all nailed. Hopefully, it will give you more confidence for your speech moment on the day.

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Groom Speech Performance Advice

Now you’ve written and polished your speech wording, how do you go about presenting it with confidence?

It Won’t Be Perfect – And That’s OK

First things first, there is no such thing as a perfect speech or a perfect performance. If you ‘mess up’ or wobble on your words, that’s absolutely fine. Don’t forget every single person on your wedding day, is there for you. Rooting for you.

In fact, wedding day bloopers make for great memories and make your whole day authentic and real.

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Think Of Alternative Presentation Options

If you just can’t face standing up solo and reading a speech aloud consider these ideas:

Do a couple’s speech
Bring a loved one up to help
Prepare a slideshow presentation
Create a video in advance to play on a screen
Prefer singing? Sing it
Consider a rhyming poem
Write a letter and place it on each guest’s place setting
Just do a quick toast
Dancer? Prepare a dance performance
Use props
Ask others to record a short video to make a compilation film

It’s OK to think outside of the box and not feel like you have to live up to expectations or tradition. It’s about the meaning and your heartfelt efforts, rather than a formal, rigid tradition that doesn’t suit you.

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Practice your speech, either solo or in front of a trusted mate. It will help your words flow more naturally and you may end up being able to go without the wording itself. But be sure to have it with you just in case.

Think about making eye contact, having good posture and using your hands to help express yourself too. If you can’t imagine giving eye contact, pick a spot at the back of the room to focus on. Consider if you need a microphone and ask your venue if they provide this. You may wish to practise with a microphone beforehand too.

Combatting Nerves

Aside from your wedding ceremony, the speech may feel like the most nerve-wracking experience on your wedding day. However, this is completely natural and understandable. Only the most practised speech givers are likely to not feel any nerves. And, let’s face it, how many of us stand up and make speeches on a daily basis?

You may be surprised that on the day your worries melt away as you focus on enjoying your day. And if you get emotional, go with it. Embrace your emotions and be your true self.

Here are some tips to help banish nerves:

Bring speeches forward so you can relax for the meal/party
Hold your new wife/husband’s hand
Hold your speeches outdoors in a more informal setting
Have a copy to read from
Practise breathing techniques to help restore calm
Remind yourself there is no judgement here

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What To Write It On?

You could write your speech on:

A4/A5 paper
Individual cards

There are so many options on where to store or write your speech. Be sure to have multiple copies and a backup on a device. That way if disaster strikes and you forget it, or it goes missing you could access via the cloud, email or on an app.

It’s totally fine to perform your speech by reading it. You don’t need to memorise it.

Wedding Speech Template Free Download

Now you’ve heard all my top tips, it’s the ideal time to download and use my free speech template tool. It’s hosted on google docs, all you need to do is enter your details below and keep an eye on your inbox!

The template is best used on google docs laptop/desktop for the swanky features I’ve added. But can absolutely be used on mobile/tablets too. Be sure to read the instructions on the first page of the download on how to use it.

I hope it’s really helpful and enables you craft your speech with ease.


And that’s a wrap, your groom’s speech template.  Plus tips on writing and performing your speech, as well as your very own free download to make writing easy breezy. Hooray!


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