Handy Wedding Order Of Service Template Ideas & Designs

Handy Wedding Order Of Service Template Ideas & Designs

Looking for ideas and templates to help construct your order of service? Well, you’re in luck as today I share some template structure ideas, visual order of ceremony inspiration and top tips to nail your on-the-day stationery!

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What Is An Order Of Service?

An order of service is the order in which your wedding ceremony happens. This can be organised by you, and/or your wedding officiant. Sometimes couples like to display these via a sign, or with booklets/cards.

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Do I Need An Order Of Service?

You will need an order for your ceremony, which is likely to be set out with your ceremony officiant. Once you have this running order, you can create an order of service booklet, card or sign to let guests know what’s happening and in what order.

This is a great way for guests to have an understanding of your ceremony. You can also add songs, readings, members of the wedding party and personalisation to really keep guests informed.

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What Should Be In An Order Of Service?

Here’s a typical order of service template for weddings (this can vary depending on your country/religion/ceremony type):

Prelude/Guests Arrive
Wedding Party Arrival/Processional
Welcome/Introduction By Officiant
Vow Exchange
Ring Exchange
First Kiss
Signing The Register
Final Words By Officiant
Couple Exit/Reccessional

Now in between these ceremony elements, there may be other religious/non-religious rituals, ceremonies, readings, songs, hymns and prayers. This depends on the ceremony you choose and if you wish to personalise it further. Your officiant can guide you on what is included in your ceremony, the order and where you can add your own touches.

Then, you will be ready to put together your order of service stationery!

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How To Lay Out An Order Of Service Booklet Template

If you are planning out a comprehensive guide or booklet for your order of service, here’s how to lay it out. This is a template guide you can pick/choose with some unique ideas to personalise your own running order.

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Front Cover

On the front of an order of service booklet, it’s a good idea to have your names, first and or last names. Plus your wedding date, the venue name and a photo or illustration if you so choose.

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Don’t forget the wording ‘Order of Service/Ceremony’ or ‘Welcome’ so guests know what the booklet is.

Front Cover Ideas

Booklet Title
Couple Names
Venue Name

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Inside Booklet

Next up, you’ll want your ceremony order and perhaps some more detail inside your booklet. It’s a sweet touch to say a quick welcome before you get onto this.

You may wish to have song names and artists with their performers if you’re including music. If it’s a hymn or a song for everyone to sing along, you could add lyrics for guests to follow. Wording for prayers, blessings or other religious rituals could also be added to your stationery.

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If you are having a bilingual wedding, it’s a nice idea to have a translation in your booklet if you are able to.

Having readings? Include the names of those and who is reading them. For extra detail, consider adding a story about both of you something personal.

Internal Page Ideas

Short welcome sentence
Running ceremony order
Song name, artist and performer
Song lyrics
Wording for prayers/ceremony rituals
Bilingual translation
Reading names and readers’ names
Personal story
Unplugged ceremony request
Wedding party members

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It can also be really great to name your wedding party members and their role so everyone gets to know them. Wedding party members or roles you could include inside:

Bridesmaids/groomsmen/groomswomen/bridesmen/best man/woman or maid/man of honour/ushers
Flower girls/page boys/junior bridesmaids
Ring bearer
Confetti people

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Back Cover

On the back of your booklet, you could add a fun quote, your initials or further instructions on what’s to come. This is a great spot to add some photos or cute graphics to finish off the booklet. It’s also a nice place to give a thank you to guests and your officiant. Or remember absent guests.

Back Of Booklet Ideas

Further Instructions
Thank Guests/Officiant
In Memory Mentions

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Order Of Service Styling Ideas

Now you have your wording, how about the styling? There are so many fun ways to personalise your stationery, from cool colours, fonts and graphics to unusual materials.

It’s a good idea to have your on-the-day stationery tie into your wedding invites. But, that being said, you don’t have to do so. You could have a totally different style from your invites.

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It’s also nice to have some informal and personal touches to make your ceremony start with the right tone of voice. That way guests can get a feeler of what to expect, even before they’ve sat down.

How about:

Bind Pages With Twine
Create A Newspaper
Display One Large Sign
Lollypop Stick Card
Create a Dual Purpose Fan
Add Confetti Pouches
Clip Sheets With A Paperclip
One Sided Card
Use Photos/Graphics
Add Handlettering/Unique Fonts
Make Lanyards
Try Unusual Paper
Think About Ribbon
Mini Pegs To Clip

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Where/How To Display Order Of Service

Don’t forget to consider how you’ll be delivering and displaying your order or service to ensure each guest has their copy and all the ceremony info. You could display:

In Wooden Box/Crate
On Welcome Table
On Each Seat
Given Out By Wedding Party On Arrival
In A Hamper/Basket

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What Is The Order Of Entry For UK Wedding Ceremonies?

There aren’t really any rules for the order in which a couple and wedding party enter their ceremony in the UK. Traditionally the groom waited at the top of the aisle for his bride and attendants followed the bride. All other guests and family members will be seated.

However, it’s common for modern couples or LGBTQI+ couples to shake this up. For example, some couples choose to do a first look before walking down the aisle together. Other couples may switch traditional roles and walk in one by one with their parents. The wedding party attendants could walk in front of or behind the bride/groom. It really comes down to personal preference.

You could even both be waiting at the top of the aisle as your guests arrive for a brand-new take on the wedding entrance. Don’t be afraid to make new traditions.

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So there you have it. Your very own order of service template ideas, plus cute booklet designs and inspiration to create your very own. Yay!


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