How do you get rid of a wedding dress?

How do you get rid of a wedding dress?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and the wedding dress you wore on that day holds a special place in your heart. However, as time passes and circumstances change, you may find yourself wondering what to do with your wedding dress. Whether you’re looking to free up some closet space or you want to sell or donate your dress, there are several ways to get rid of a wedding dress. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular options and considerations for each.

Preserve the Dress

Before deciding what to do with your wedding dress, you might want to consider preserving it. Preserving your dress is a great option if you want to keep your dress for sentimental reasons, or if you plan to pass it down to future generations. There are many companies that specialize in wedding dress preservation. They will clean, repair, and package your dress in a special box designed to prevent yellowing and damage from moisture.

Sell the Dress

If you’re looking to get some money back from your wedding dress, selling it is a great option. There are several ways to sell a wedding dress, including online marketplaces and consignment shops. Here are some things to consider when selling your wedding dress:

Online Marketplaces

There are several online marketplaces where you can sell your wedding dress, such as Vindress. These websites allow you to list your dress for sale and connect with potential buyers. When selling your dress on an online marketplace, be sure to include detailed photos and descriptions of the dress, including any alterations or damage.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are another option for selling your wedding dress. These shops will take a commission from the sale price of your dress, but they will handle the sale and marketing for you. Before choosing a consignment shop, do your research and make sure the shop has a good reputation.


When pricing your dress, consider its age, condition, and brand. You can also look at similar dresses for sale online to get an idea of how much your dress is worth. Be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers, and be willing to accept a lower price if necessary.

Donate the Dress

If you don’t want to sell your dress and you’re not interested in keeping it for sentimental reasons, you might consider donating it. Donating your dress can be a great way to give back to others and help make someone else’s wedding day special. Here are some things to consider when donating your wedding dress:


There are several charities that accept wedding dress donations, such as Brides Across America and Wish Upon a Wedding. These charities provide dresses to military brides and couples facing terminal illness or serious life-altering circumstances.

Local Organizations

You can also donate your dress to local organizations, such as high school theater departments or costume shops. These organizations can use your dress for performances and events.


When donating your dress, make sure it is in good condition. If the dress needs repairs or cleaning, consider having it done before donating it.

Repurpose the Dress

If you’re feeling creative, you might consider repurposing your wedding dress. There are several ways to repurpose a wedding dress, such as:

Altering the Dress

If you love your wedding dress but it doesn’t quite fit your style or needs, consider altering it. You can have the dress altered to fit your body or style, or you can have it transformed into a new piece of clothing, such as a cocktail dress or skirt.

Creating Keepsakes

If you want to keep a piece of your wedding dress with you, consider creating keepsakes. You can use the fabric to make items such as a scarf, handkerchief, or pillow. You can also create jewelry or other accessories using the fabric and any decorative elements, such as lace or beading, from the dress.

Donate for Repurposing

Another option for repurposing your wedding dress is to donate it to organizations that create burial gowns or wraps for infants who have passed away. These organizations use wedding dresses to create beautiful gowns and wraps for families who have suffered the loss of a child.

Dispose of the Dress

If your dress is in poor condition and cannot be salvaged or repurposed, disposing of it may be the only option. However, before disposing of the dress, consider if any elements of the dress could be recycled or repurposed. For example, the fabric or embellishments could potentially be repurposed by a seamstress or crafter.


Some parts of a wedding dress, such as the fabric or beading, can be recycled. Check with your local recycling center or waste management company to see if they accept wedding dresses for recycling.


If you cannot find any other option for your dress, you may need to throw it in the trash. Before doing so, check with your local waste management company to see if they have any specific guidelines or disposal methods for wedding dresses.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of a wedding dress can be a difficult decision, especially if it holds sentimental value. However, there are many options for what to do with your dress, from preserving it to repurposing it to donating it to others. Consider your options carefully and choose the one that feels best for you and your dress. By doing so, you can give your wedding dress new life and meaning while freeing up space in your closet or helping others in need.


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